Smartphones Confiscated by British Police Remotely Wiped

British police have complained that several smartphones in their custody have been wiped remotely by sneaky wrongdoers. This can kill vital evidence and stall the progress of ongoing investigations. The technology that makes it possible for a user to remotely wipe the content on a smartphone is easily available. This can be quite helpful when Read More

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How Use Smart DNS To Unblock Streaming Services

Watching movies on Netflix is a great way to spend a weekend, except if you’re from a country where Netflix is blocked. Regional content blocking is annoying, but you can easily avoid the frustration by using a VPN or Smart DNS (domain name system) connection. A VPN allows you to hide your true IP address, encrypt Read More


Blackphone Rooted at Annual DefCon

At this year’s Defcon hacker conference, security researchers at the engineering group TeamAndIRC proved that the Blackphone, developed by SGP Technologies, could be rooted and cracked in less than five minutes by exploiting a crack in the Android Debugger Kit’s code. *updated below You’ll remember several months ago when we first reported on the development Read More


BitTorrent Launches Encrypted Chat App

Joining the likes of SilentCircle and BlackBerry Messenger, the developers behind BitTorrent announced their plans to release a new, encrypted desktop application which will allow multiple parties to communicate across covert lines in response to the NSA revelations of the past year. A leader in personal privacy and the rights of the average user, BitTorrent Read More

BlackBerry Acquires Secusmart to Bolster Government Business

BlackBerry is continuing its plans for rebuilding the company’s presence by acquiring Germany security and encryption company Secusmart, which specializes in security for government agencies. The acquisition is hoped to bolster BlackBerry’s offerings to government and security officials. So far Secusmart count Angela Merkel (who uses it with her own BlackBerry phone) among its customers Read More


BlackBerry Name New COO In Bid to Regain Market Share

Struggling phone manufacturer BlackBerry has named Marty Beard as the company’s new chief operating officer. BlackBerry for many years positioned itself at the more secure option for a phone but in recent years has lost serious ground to Apple and Samsung. Meanwhile we have seen the advent of the Blackphone, which is aimed at government Read More

Samsung KNOX Approved for UK Government Communications

Samsung’s security software has been approved for government use in the UK, gaining “official” status and taking a step ahead of Blackberry, who have specialized in government-safe devices. The decision means that Samsung’s KNOX phone, which runs Android and KNOX Workspace, a “comprehensive hardware and software security solution”, can be used by government staff for Read More

Galaxy S5 Biometric Verification System Hacked

Only a few hours after the release of the hotly-anticipated Galaxy S5 this morning, researchers from a small outfit in Germany called Heise Security have posted video proof of a way to crack through its biometric scanner with a simple dummy fingerprint. You’ll probably recognize this same method from a few months back when the Read More

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vulnerable to Security Hole

Merry Christmas everyone, your brand new present from Santa is being hacked! Uncovered by a student at an Israeli university, the news of this newfound exploit could not come at a worse time for the smartphone manufacturing giant. After just finishing a round of positive PR surrounding the brand new Knox security system, the company is Read More

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