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China Cyber Criminals Accused of Exploiting Commercial VPN

Chinese cyber criminals have been hijacking a commercial VPN to carry out Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks, according to a new report this week from security firm RSA. RSA Research claims that a Chinese VPN provider has been infiltrated by APT actors who are using its infrastructure to carry out its operations and cover its […]

Anonymous Vows to Strike Back Against Charlie Hebdo Terrorists

This week, representatives for the hacktivist organization Anonymous took to the group’s YouTube channel to release a new video, that vows to take action against the terrorist organizations responsible for the attacks at Charlie Hebdo earlier this week. Flying under the hashflag of #OPCharlieHedbo, a figurehead for the group, dawned in their trademark Guy Fawkes […]


Operation Huyao Makes Phishing Easier For Hackers

Just as we’re preparing for the holiday season, hackers have come up with their own way to celebrate. They have devised a new way to catch unsuspecting online shoppers with phishing techniques to steal their personal and financial information. The new technique, named Operation Huyao by Trend Micro researchers, allows hackers to create almost perfect […]

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Smart Meters Can Be Hacked To Under-Report Power Use

Previously, there was a report highlighting the vulnerability of traffic lights to hacking. It indicated that privacy and security are key issues for critical infrastructure and the energy sector. Now a new story has unfolded: millions of smart meters (network-connected electricity meters) used in Spain can be hacked due to lack of essential security implementations. […]


The Hacker Psyche: Decrypting the Mystery

Government and private organizations are waking up to the gravity of cyber threats and expanding their security budgets. It’s becoming clear that to stay safe from malicious threats and hackers, it is important to understand how and why such attacks are planned. In the most cyber attack incidents, hackers show a fearless attitude and an […]

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Reporting Hacks Should be Like Disease Control, Say Experts

Dan Geer, famed cyber security expert, has called on mandates to be put in place on all companies that force them to disclose hacks and breaches, much like disease control. During his keynote speech at this year’s Black Hat conference, Geer made the suggestion that companies should face mandatory requirements, which need to be stronger […]

Black Hat Speaker Reveals SATCOM Vulnerabilities

On Thursday, IOACTIVE Principal Security Consultant Reuben Santamarta described how a malicious attacker could breach satellite communications (SATCOM) systems for ships and aircraft. Santamarta’s presentation at Black Hat USA 2014 received considerable attention and speculation prior to his August 7 briefing. Santamarta presented his findings based on the IOACTIVE white paper SATCOM Terminals: Hacking by […]

Two More Talks Cancelled at Black Hat

Two more talks have been pulled from the Black Hat conference, which kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas, following the cancellation of the notorious hacking Tor panel a few weeks ago. One talk relates to hacking into home alarm systems while the other concerns “Snake”, a Russian espionage campaign, according to Reuters. Black Hat has […]


‘De-Anonymizing Tor’ Talk Pulled from Black Hat Conference

A talk scheduled to take place at next month’s Black Hat conference, which would discuss cracking anonymous users of Tor, has been cancelled due to some legal wrangling. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh were lined up for the talk but at the request of lawyers from the university, the talk has now been […]

Chinese Hackers Target New Zealand Supercomputer

A group of Chinese hackers have reportedly invaded the sanctuary of a supercomputer located at the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research base in Greta Point, New Zealand. The $12.7 million monster was apparently targeted for its immense computing power, which many Chinese hackers like to use for anything from Bitcoin mining operations to […]


Journalists Targeted by State-Sponsored Malware

According to a new report released by two security engineers with Google, journalists at 21 out of the top 25 news publications around the world have been successfully penetrated and monitored by state-sponsored hackers. First presented on Friday at the Black Hat Asia Internet security conference in Singapore, the duo’s findings were later backed up […]

CryptoLocker is Evolving Faster Than We Can Stop It

CryptoLocker is on the move, and you won’t like where it’s headed next. What started out as a relatively easy-to-spot method of infection; dodgy email attachments, has now involved into a much more sophisticated network of attack vectors and applications which can all deal devestating damage to your computer and all the personal files contained […]