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VPN Port Vulnerability Could Expose User IPs

VPNs are vulnerable to what is called a “port fail” according to Perfect Privacy, which can expose users’ IP addresses. The VPN provider published a blog post last week, which detailed the vulnerability in VPNs that use port forwarding and are based on protocols like OpenVPN, IPSec, or PPTP. It’s important to point out that […]


uTorrent Users Discover ‘Epic Scale’ Mining Op on PCs

Users of the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent recently discovered that the program had been installing software on their machines that utilized any idle CPU power on their computers to mine for Litecoin. As of late, uTorrent has been struggling to keep up with the immense demand for its free product. Despite its immense popularity and […]

North Korea Denies Involvement in Sony Hack

In more news about Sony this week that should make everyone say “Well, duh”, this Saturday the North Korean government issued a statement which categorically denied all involvement with the recent attack on the movie studio’s servers. The country removed themselves from the conversation that their government had been behind the attack, and threatened “grave […]

VPN Providers Offer Huge Discounts on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Are you looking for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for a new Virtual Private Network (VPN)? We are pleased to tell you that your search for the best VPN deals, promos, money-saving offers and discounted products ends here. We’ve compiled this list of the best VPN deals this holiday season. PureVPN PureVPN […]

ISPs Violates Net Neutrality To Block Encryption, Says Filing

Activists fended off efforts in the 1990s to put an end to Internet encryption or give the US government ways around it, but a bigger battle is brewing now: net neutrality. ISPs have been violating net neutrality rules over the years, but there has been minimal to no evidence against them. In the comments submitted […]


BitTorrent Launches Encrypted Chat App

Joining the likes of SilentCircle and BlackBerry Messenger, the developers behind BitTorrent announced their plans to release a new, encrypted desktop application which will allow multiple parties to communicate across covert lines in response to the NSA revelations of the past year. A leader in personal privacy and the rights of the average user, BitTorrent […]

AT&T Invents New Method to Target Filesharing Users

As if we didn’t already have enough on our privacy plates. The new patent, awarded to the company on Friday, enables them to keep detailed records of anyone and everyone on their network who might be using popular filesharing protocols such as Bittorrent, Usenet, and other related streaming services available from dozens of different corners […]

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BitTorrent Introduces A Secured Instant Messaging Service

What is the best defence from intelligence organizations such as the controversial NSA? BitTorrent might just have the perfect tool that can protect your privacy while having conversations online. Introducing the BitTorrent Chat. This is BitTorrent Inc.’s newest offering that promises to allow people to chat safely and securely. The said instant messaging app which […]