Improving Speed & Privacy for Torrents Using a VPN

Torrenting is an immensely popular P2P platform, which according to recent studies, contributes to nearly half of the total online traffic across the globe. Typically, a torrent user on a torrent client uses 90 percent of the bandwidth than an average user who spends the same time on web browsing or for streaming small audio Read More

VPN Providers Offer Huge Discounts on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Are you looking for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for a new Virtual Private Network (VPN)? We are pleased to tell you that your search for the best VPN deals, promos, money-saving offers and discounted products ends here. We’ve compiled this list of the best VPN deals this holiday season. PureVPN PureVPN Read More

ISPs Violates Net Neutrality To Block Encryption, Says Filing

Activists fended off efforts in the 1990s to put an end to Internet encryption or give the US government ways around it, but a bigger battle is brewing now: net neutrality. ISPs have been violating net neutrality rules over the years, but there has been minimal to no evidence against them. In the comments submitted Read More


BitTorrent Launches Encrypted Chat App

Joining the likes of SilentCircle and BlackBerry Messenger, the developers behind BitTorrent announced their plans to release a new, encrypted desktop application which will allow multiple parties to communicate across covert lines in response to the NSA revelations of the past year. A leader in personal privacy and the rights of the average user, BitTorrent Read More

AT&T Invents New Method to Target Filesharing Users

As if we didn’t already have enough on our privacy plates. The new patent, awarded to the company on Friday, enables them to keep detailed records of anyone and everyone on their network who might be using popular filesharing protocols such as Bittorrent, Usenet, and other related streaming services available from dozens of different corners Read More

EFF Issues Challenge to Major Anti-Virus Manufacturers

It hasn’t been all bad since the leaks, you know. While the US and United Kingdom government scramble to cover their tracks and figure out a new plan of attack or way ahead, companies like BitTorrent are raking new users in by the dozen with their Sync service. Lavabit is surging in popularity ever since Read More

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