USB Immunizer Protects Against Autorun Viruses

There is an ever growing number of viruses taking advantage of portable devices, like USB drives, of late. By default, whenever you plug a storage device in your computer, Windows automatically enables the auto-play function, which runs a file called autorun.inf. Such malware uses “autorun.inf” as a vector of transmission infects your computer. Photo: Incase Read More

Hackers Jump on Ukraine Conflict to Execute Bitcoin Heist

The Russia-Ukraine conflict might be bad for both countries, but it is a great way for hackers to take advantage earn some money using a malware that targets bitcoin wallets. Cybersecurity company, Bitdefender Labs, has presented a report focusing on the digital currency market. It shows how a group of hackers has disguised malware to Read More


Bitdefender Reveals the Biggest Scams on Facebook

While Facebook’s research and popularity continues to increase at a staggering pace, the social network is becoming an attractive target for malware and scam adversaries, and social engineering attacks on Facebook users only increased massively since the last decade. That’s why it’s important to be updated with the latest scams surrounding the network, so you’re Read More


There’s Some New Malware Roaming on Facebook

There’s a new malicious link doing the rounds on Facebook of late, which entices users into clicking a link of what appears to be a woman undressing on a webcam. Bitdefender made the discovery of the malware, which could steal your personal information by luring users into the clicking the link, which appears to be Read More

New Facebook Trojan Distributes Through Messenger

A fresh Facebook botnet baddie started making its rounds over the last couple of days, popping up in the inboxes of hundreds of users from a dozen different countries around the globe. Dubbed “Downloader-167, the trojan uses Facebook and Yahoo Messenger to spread to as many different computers as it can by taking hold of Read More


New Security Flaw Found in HTTPS Connections

A group of analysts and computer scientists from Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University have published a report that claims that a small, but sizable number of connections on the Internet are being made using forged certificates designed to fool the ubiquitous web security provided by HTTPS. HTTPS is the go-to standard for encrypting connections between Read More

Hackers Attempt to Blackmail Plastic Surgeons in UK

After making off with just shy of half a million records recently, a still-anonymous group of hackers threatened the same offices they pilfered from a month earlier with blackmail if members of the Harley Medical Group didn’t start forking out some cash to keep the secrets of their plastic surgery patients. As one can imagine, Read More


Tinder Spamming Attempts Discovered

Popular dating app Tinder is quickly becoming the prime target for a lot of would-be cyber criminals these days by creating bots that promote games by posing as singletons on the app. The discovery was made by Bitdefender, which you can see in the screenshots below, detailing a conversation between one user and the bot Read More