Silk Road 2.0 Bust Shuts Down Several Other Domains

The recent take down of Silk Road 2.0 was a part of a much larger crackdown operation by the FBI and UK’s National Crime Association in several countries, seizing several darknet domains. The police have arrested 17 individuals from several countries and the bust has resulted in the shutdown of more than 25 other Tor Read More

Italian Councils Paralyzed By Bitcoin Ransomware Virus

Municipal councils across Italy have seen their PC files encrypted by a ransomware virus demanding Bitcoin payments to decrypt the files. Ransom demands are starting at around €400 Euros and failure to pay the amount within three days doubles the ransom. Officers in Bussoleno, a small town in Northern Italy, could only recover important data Read More

Hacker Takes Control of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Email

A hacker claims to have gained access to the email account of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin and until this point, a secret and anonymous figure. The hacker is threatening to reveal private information in exchange for money. The hacker who is going by the name, “Jeffrey”, responded to emails from Wired and stated Read More

IPVanish Bitcoin

IPVanish Adds Bitcoin To Its List of Payment Options

IPVanish has added another payment method – Bitcoin cryptocurrency – to their list of global payment options. With Bitcoin, users can enjoy absolute anonymity as it is completely untraceable and 100 percent private. While IPVanish provides services for users to stay safe from hackers; with this latest payment addition, user identity can be protected from Read More

F-Secure Develops Anti-Ransomware Unlocker

Over the past year, ransomware and its variants have taken the malware world by storm. What started with CryptoLocker soon morphed into SimpleLocker, then Pandemiya, and CryptoWall. From there we saw even more advanced, increasingly terrifying variations like ZeroLocker, and most recently, the server-hungry SynoLocker. The defining key which links most of these cases together Read More

Phishing Attackers Imitate Popular Bitcoin Websites

Bitcoin news website CryptoCoinNews (CCN) was impersonated in a phishing attack on Thursday, August 14, marking the latest in a recent string of attacks impersonating bitcoin-related domain names. Photo: Flickr The attacker registered a similar domain name ( and proceeded to send emails to potential advertisers while offering special discounted rates. The offer promised to Read More

Cryptolocker Defied – Get Your Files Decrypted For Free

Cryptolocker victims can now get their locked files back without paying any ransom. This has come as a big relief to almost 500,000 people whose computers have been hacked by the malware. What is Cryptolocker Cryptolocker ransomware has been in the limelight throughout this year. From the GOZ (GameOver Zeus) botnet being eliminated by the Read More

Tokyo Police Launch Formal Mt. Gox Investigation Over Missing Bitcoin

We’ve covered the embattled bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox in the past and the infamous missing coins but now the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have launched an official investigation into the incident several months later. Alleged hacking attacks in February led to the exchange, headed up by chief executive Mark Karpeles, losing 850,000 bitcoins valued at around Read More

Mt. Gox Head Apologizes to Customers

In his first in-depth interview since the Mt. Gox collapse, Mark Karpeles, the head of the controversial exchange has said he is sorry that customers lost their money. Mt. Gox once held roughly 80 percent of all bitcoins, until hundreds of thousands of them vanished in what the company claimed was a cyber-attack. The company Read More

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