StrongDNS Review

When it comes to providing better speeds and the ability of accessing geo-restricted websites, Smart DNS services triumphs over VPN. StrongVPN is one of the top VPN companies that also offer its own DNS services. Dubbed as StrongDNS (, the company that brought StrongVPN now aims to help subscribers bypass geo-restricted stream media such as Read More


Best Honduras VPN

Almost every app and website you use tracks your online activity – websites place cookies on users’ computers and advertisers sneak tracking beacons into their emails. And that’s not all; a lot of personal or financial data can end up in the wrong hands. We’ve seen some recent worrisome trends from government agencies that collect Read More

WordPress Resets User Passwords After Gmail Leak

In a precautionary move, has reset 100,000 users’ passwords following this week’s Gmail password dump on a Bitcoin forum. “This list was not generated as a result of an exploit of, but since a number of emails on the list matched email addresses associated with accounts, we took steps to protect our Read More

5 Million Gmail Passwords Allegedly Leaked

New reports have surfaced that indicate about five million Gmail accounts have been compromised with hackers posting the usernames and passwords on a Russian bitcoin forum. The alleged hack has been brought to our attention by the netsec subreddit on Reddit. A number of websites have also popped up claiming to be “checker sites” that Read More

Hacker Takes Control of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Email

A hacker claims to have gained access to the email account of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin and until this point, a secret and anonymous figure. The hacker is threatening to reveal private information in exchange for money. The hacker who is going by the name, “Jeffrey”, responded to emails from Wired and stated Read More

Access to Crimeware Doubles China’s Cyber Crime

Low priced cyber-criminal toolkits are fueling cyber criminal activity in China where criminals are investing in equipment and software used in cyber-attacks against consumers, businesses and governments. Trend Micro has analyzed the trends in the Chinese underground marketplace and found activity doubled between 2012 and 2013. The researchers at the firm found that compromised hosts, Read More

HideMyAss Pro

Best Greece VPN

Millions of Greeks access the Internet on a regular basis. They love to consume online content. In fact, there are numerous TV, news, and sports websites catering to the Greek audience. It is true that the Greek government does not censor the Internet; however, there are still several valid reasons to access the Internet through Read More

IPVanish Bitcoin

IPVanish Adds Bitcoin To Its List of Payment Options

IPVanish has added another payment method – Bitcoin cryptocurrency – to their list of global payment options. With Bitcoin, users can enjoy absolute anonymity as it is completely untraceable and 100 percent private. While IPVanish provides services for users to stay safe from hackers; with this latest payment addition, user identity can be protected from Read More

Hackers Jump on Ukraine Conflict to Execute Bitcoin Heist

The Russia-Ukraine conflict might be bad for both countries, but it is a great way for hackers to take advantage earn some money using a malware that targets bitcoin wallets. Cybersecurity company, Bitdefender Labs, has presented a report focusing on the digital currency market. It shows how a group of hackers has disguised malware to Read More

Bitcoin Theft Empties Cannabis Road Coffers

The underground marijuana marketplace Cannabis Road has announced that upwards of $100,000 dollars has been stolen from their site in the form of 200 Bitcoin, that was stolen in a single swipe that goes down as one of the largest heists in the cryptocurrency’s short three-year history. The lead developer for the project, who goes Read More

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