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New ZeroLocker Virus Offers Discount for Early Payment

Earlier this week, researchers at the Russian security vendor Kaspersky Labs reported that a new variant of the popular CryptoLocker virus, dubbed ZeroLocker, had started to make its way onto users’ machines through many of the same channels that the original used, albeit with one unique twist. Instead of asking for a flat fee like […]


Kovter Ransomware is ‘Skyrocketing’

Kovter, a form of ransomware has “skyrocketed” in the second quarter of 2014 according to a new report published by security firm Damballa. Like most ransomware, Kovter locks your device and demands a ransom but in this case, it gets a little more sinister and goes down a blackmailing route. The hacker poses as a […]

Phishing Attackers Imitate Popular Bitcoin Websites

Bitcoin news website CryptoCoinNews (CCN) was impersonated in a phishing attack on Thursday, August 14, marking the latest in a recent string of attacks impersonating bitcoin-related domain names. Photo: Flickr The attacker registered a similar domain name (cryptocoinznews.com) and proceeded to send emails to potential advertisers while offering special discounted rates. The offer promised to […]


$83,000 in Bitcoin Stolen from Mining Pools

And about enough Dogecoin to buy a cup of coffee. This week, the cryptocurrency watchdog group and all-around security gurus at the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit announced that several key Bitcoin mining pools had been plundered for the equivalent of around $83,000 over the course of two months, including an almost-forgettable sum of $2 […]

Cryptolocker Defied – Get Your Files Decrypted For Free

Cryptolocker victims can now get their locked files back without paying any ransom. This has come as a big relief to almost 500,000 people whose computers have been hacked by the malware. What is Cryptolocker Cryptolocker ransomware has been in the limelight throughout this year. From the GOZ (GameOver Zeus) botnet being eliminated by the […]

Synolocker Outbreak Sets Sights on Enterprise Ransom

Yesterday afternoon, network-attached storage manufacturer Synology confirmed that several models of their Diskstation line of products have fallen victim to a new form of ransomware, which they are somewhat uncreatively calling the “Synolocker” variant. Ransomware is an increasingly popular portion of the malware market these days, and it works by hardcoding all the data contained […]

Tokyo Police Launch Formal Mt. Gox Investigation Over Missing Bitcoin

We’ve covered the embattled bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox in the past and the infamous missing coins but now the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have launched an official investigation into the incident several months later. Alleged hacking attacks in February led to the exchange, headed up by chief executive Mark Karpeles, losing 850,000 bitcoins valued at around […]

Wall Street Journal & Vice Hit By Russian Hacker W0rm

The Wall Street Journal and Vice.com appear to have been made vulnerable by Russian hacker(s) W0rm, the same culprit behind the recent CNET attack. Both Vice and WSJ have confirmed that some sort of breach occurred this week on their respective systems. The Wall Street Journal’s graphics systems were hacked, which the media outlet confirmed […]


Will Slingshot’s Global Mode Affect the VPN Business?

Earlier this week, the New Zealand ISP Slingshot made some headlines across tech blogs over its newest feature, Global Mode, a VPN-like function that would allow users to access sites like Netflix and Hulu. Netflix still hasn’t launched in New Zealand. This is the type of situation that VPN providers wait for, as it’s a […]


PayPal Freezes Transactions for ProtonMail

PayPal has placed restrictions on payments to and from ProtonMail, the “NSA proof” encrypted email service that’s currently raising funds on Indiegogo. The researchers behind the encryption service say they have been provided no information other than their case is “pending further review”. “At this time, it is not possible for ProtonMail to receive or […]

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F-Secure Reports New Attack Vector into Infrastructure Systems

According to a report published by the online security firm F-Secure, the malware group behind the Havex malware plight have discovered a new way to tuck their program into software and programs used by major national infrastructure projects. “It appears the attackers abuse vulnerabilities in the software used to run the websites to break in […]

US Bitcoin Auction Draws Big Name Bidders

When the FBI and US government announced that it would be auctioning off the bitcoins salvaged from last year’s infamous Silk Road seizure, it piqued many people’s interests, namely because of the value – a whopping $17.4 million. So much so that Wall Street and Silicon Valley is getting in on the bidding. With registration […]


$600,000 in Dogecoin Lifted From Server with NAS Hack

Earlier this week roughly $600,000 in Dogecoin (a popular alternative to Bitcoin which first arose out of a meme from the news aggregation website Reddit), was illegitimately mined in an underground cryptocurrency hashing operation which spanned hundred of different computers from all over the globe. The hackers were able to break into so many different […]

New Android Ransomware Holds Mobiles Hostage

Researchers at the Internet security outfit ESET have issued a warning to all users of the Android operating system that a new ransomware variant, dubbed “Android/Simplocker”, had begun making its way around the standard channels of distribution through the Google Play store and attack-ready email attachments. Much like the wildly popular CryptoLocker infections we’ve seen […]

Chinese Hackers Target New Zealand Supercomputer

A group of Chinese hackers have reportedly invaded the sanctuary of a supercomputer located at the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research base in Greta Point, New Zealand. The $12.7 million monster was apparently targeted for its immense computing power, which many Chinese hackers like to use for anything from Bitcoin mining operations to […]


Microsoft Claims Massive Rise of Malware in 2013

According to a new report from Microsoft, downloaded malware has more than tripled in only the second half of last year. In the latest iteration of the annual Security Intelligence Report, Microsoft claims that the number of people accidentally downloading packages and software secretly infected with malware has drastically shot up as of the last […]