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Access to Crimeware Doubles China’s Cyber Crime

Low priced cyber-criminal toolkits are fueling cyber criminal activity in China where criminals are investing in equipment and software used in cyber-attacks against consumers, businesses and governments. Trend Micro has analyzed the trends in the Chinese underground marketplace and found activity doubled between 2012 and 2013. The researchers at the firm found that compromised hosts, Read More


$83,000 in Bitcoin Stolen from Mining Pools

And about enough Dogecoin to buy a cup of coffee. This week, the cryptocurrency watchdog group and all-around security gurus at the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit announced that several key Bitcoin mining pools had been plundered for the equivalent of around $83,000 over the course of two months, including an almost-forgettable sum of $2 Read More

F secure

F-Secure Reports New Attack Vector into Infrastructure Systems

According to a report published by the online security firm F-Secure, the malware group behind the Havex malware plight have discovered a new way to tuck their program into software and programs used by major national infrastructure projects. “It appears the attackers abuse vulnerabilities in the software used to run the websites to break in Read More

Chinese Hackers Target New Zealand Supercomputer

A group of Chinese hackers have reportedly invaded the sanctuary of a supercomputer located at the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research base in Greta Point, New Zealand. The $12.7 million monster was apparently targeted for its immense computing power, which many Chinese hackers like to use for anything from Bitcoin mining operations to Read More


Microsoft Claims Massive Rise of Malware in 2013

According to a new report from Microsoft, downloaded malware has more than tripled in only the second half of last year. In the latest iteration of the annual Security Intelligence Report, Microsoft claims that the number of people accidentally downloading packages and software secretly infected with malware has drastically shot up as of the last Read More

Hikvision DVR Prove a Hotbed for Mediocre Bitcoin Miners

As yet another odd appliance under the net of the Internet of Things falls to an unnamed group of attackers based out of the Philippines, one has to wonder if hooking up our toasters to a neverending source of malware is really the best idea we’ve had since the sliced bread they were originally designed Read More


Security Breach Affects Nearly 30,000 Iowa State Students

There are currently about 30,000 students that have spent this week wishing that they chose a different university. These are the students on file at Iowa State University. These are also the victims of a major security breach. The Problem at Hand The IT staff at Iowa State identified a security breach in five different Read More

More Bitcoin Mining Operations Found in the Last Place You’d Expect

In yet another discovery of Bitcoin mining malfeasance, today researchers at the SANS Institute’s Internet Storm Center have posted a notice on their blog about a new form of malware that runs off systems designed to record and store footage from security cameras. The program is unique in its ability to run on ARM architecture Read More

Yahoo Malware Deploys Bitcoin Botnet

You’re going to be rich! Well, someone is, but they used your computer to do it so that’s gotta be worth something, right? If you live in Europe and visited Yahoo’s homepage during the infamous ad-hacking scandal that went down last week, you might be making money without even knowing it. It seems the same Read More