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Tokyo Police Launch Formal Mt. Gox Investigation Over Missing Bitcoin

We’ve covered the embattled bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox in the past and the infamous missing coins but now the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have launched an official investigation into the incident several months later. Alleged hacking attacks in February led to the exchange, headed up by chief executive Mark Karpeles, losing 850,000 bitcoins valued at around Read More

MtGox Opting For Liquidation Instead of Bankruptcy

Yesterday we reported that the embattled MtGox bitcoin exchange was back in the news with its founder Mark Karpeles refusing to appear before a hearing in the US, deciding to stay put in Japan. The exchange had originally intended on filing for bankruptcy but this morning has announced that it will instead go for a Read More

Mt. Gox

MtGox Founder Refuses To Attend Hearing

Mark Karpeles, the found of the infamously bankrupt bitcoin exchange MtGox, has refused to attend a court hearing in the US on Friday. The courts had demanded that he testify in Washington over the disappearance of funds from the exchange earlier this year and the sudden discovery of ‘lost’ funds several weeks later. The exchange Read More

More Virtual Currency Exchange Heists To Add To The List

It wasn’t even a month ago when IT Business released a news article titled Two more Bitcoin exchanges get hacked… and all of a sudden it has happened again. Well, a little bit differently this time. This time around, there was an internal heist and a questionable closure. The latter of the two looking along Read More


More Bitcoin Banks Fall to Hacker Attacks

Every day it seems like we’re writing another story about a Bitcoin bank being broken into, and every day investors lose that much more confidence in a currency which was once heralded as the “end of classical finance as we know it”. This week, the owner and proprietor of the Bitcoin exchange Poloniex informed users Read More

MtGox Confirms that the Exchange was Hacked

Embattled Bitcoin exchange MtGox has issued a statement addressing its recent controversies, namely the loss of millions of dollars worth of the cryptocurrency. A statement was posted on the main MtGox page that suggests their servers had in fact been compromised. “At the start of February 2014, illegal access through the abuse of a bug Read More

Bitcoin Thefts on the Rise: Increased Value to Blame

With Bitcoin finally cracking the $1,000-per-coin barrier for the first time in its short history, people are more concerned than ever before about the safety of their brand new decentralized currency system accepted by more and more vendors every day. Just earlier this month, a payment processor based out of Denmark Bitcoin Internet Payment System Read More