MasterCard Launches SafetyNet to Prevent Cyber Fraud

MasterCard’s newly launched SafetyNet system can identify potential hacking attempts before they start. The company has been working hard to make card payments safe, and by launching SafetyNet, they have taken another step ahead. MasterCard says that the new tool lowers the risk of hacking of payment systems by identifying and stopping attacks even before Read More


Major Universities Explore Password Alternatives

Sophos blog Naked Security recently reported that Cambridge and Oxford are both working on modern alternatives to passwords. The Cambridge Computer Laboratory and Oxford BioChronometrics both seek to address the rising need for new alternatives to password-based authentication via their new programs Pico and eDNA, respectively. Naked Security explains: We choose them badly, we’re not Read More


GameStop Stores In Philadelphia Using Finger Scanning

If you love trading used games at GameStop outlets in Philadelphia, be prepared to have your finger interrogated. A new policy at all GameStop stores in the city of brotherly love requires customers to provide their fingerprints when trading in video games for store credit or cash. Customers have to electronically scan their thumbs at Read More

The Knox UK Agreement and the Future of Mobile Security

Last week, we posted a story about the Knox platform and its newly approved status as a ‘safe bet’ by a government standards group located in the UK. After running into a stretch of problems during their bid to replace Blackberry with high-security clients like the Pentagon and the US Department of Defense, the new Read More


Biometric Firms Announce Merger

Biometric security firms Cross Match and DigitalPersona have officially merged, making the one company the largest independent provider of biometric management solutions. The new company has business interests in providing security measures for law enforcements, government, as well as the retail sector. Rich Agostinelli is the new CEO of the company: “Biometrics is now widely Read More

Galaxy S5 Biometric Verification System Hacked

Only a few hours after the release of the hotly-anticipated Galaxy S5 this morning, researchers from a small outfit in Germany called Heise Security have posted video proof of a way to crack through its biometric scanner with a simple dummy fingerprint. You’ll probably recognize this same method from a few months back when the Read More

More Financial Data Lost to Botnets and BlackPOS Clones

Security professionals at Krebs Security have come forward and identified several websites and e-commerce portals that have been hijacked, through a flaw in Adobe’s ColdFusion web platform first discovered last week. According to a report from the Guardian this Monday, hackers were able to infiltrate the web servers of the French automobile maker Citroen, as Read More

iOS 7.1 Patches 41 Vulnerabilities for Popular Mobile Platform

This week Apple finally released their long-anticipated major update to the popular iOS 7, with the debut of iOS 7.1. Along with a variety of cosmetic and performance improvements, 7.1 comes with 41 patches designed to plug dozens of holes that popped up shortly after iOS 7 was first released back in September of last Read More

Nymi Keeps Bitcoins Close to Your Heart

We’ve heard of all kinds of crazy Bitcoin wallet schemes to keep your data and finances safe since the online cryptocurrency first started gaining traction back in late 2011. USB keys, digital credit cards, even military-grade encrypted tape drives that take up half a bedroom in storage – people have spent the past few years Read More

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