Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Hacked Before Official Launch

On Wednesday morning, beta testers of the NFC payment system CurrentC received an email from the company, stating that their email addresses may had been compromised by an still-unknown group of online hackers. CurrentC, which has caused a flurry of controversy over the past several weeks in the light of Apple Pay’s announcement, is the Read More

Another 97,000 Accounts Leaked from Mozilla Dev

In yet another blow to Mozilla’s credibility in the security company, the company has announced that just under 100,000 users could be affected by a leak in their bug tracking software (known as Bugzilla), which exposed their email addresses and passwords over the course of the past three months. Early testers of the new software Read More


Symantec Combines All Norton Services

Symantec is completely overhauling its anti-virus products range by wiping out a number of services in favor of one unified product due for release in September. The new service, known simply as Norton Security, will combine the features of Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security into one interface. Symantec says it is taking a few Read More


BitTorrent Launches Encrypted Chat App

Joining the likes of SilentCircle and BlackBerry Messenger, the developers behind BitTorrent announced their plans to release a new, encrypted desktop application which will allow multiple parties to communicate across covert lines in response to the NSA revelations of the past year. A leader in personal privacy and the rights of the average user, BitTorrent Read More

EFF Launches Privacy Badger To Block Online Tracking

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has launched a beta version of ‘Privacy Badger’. It’s a Firefox and Chrome plugin that detects and blocks advertisements and embedded content that tracks user activity without their permission. While surfing the Internet today, it is normal to assume that most websites contain some code that is intended to track, Read More

Mozilla Releases Versions 31 of Firefox, Complete with Security Add-Ons

This week, Mozilla announced the release of the latest full update for Mozilla Firefox, which will include a bevvy of new features, including the ability to run individual file downloads against Google’s Safe Browsing repository. The service, which is designed to run files against reputation certificates on a global scale, should prevent illicit email attachments Read More

TunnelBear Looking For Beta Testers To Test Out New Experimental Project

TunnelBear may be incorporating fun into their messages, but one thing is certain about this VPN service provider, they are extremely serious about providing the best solutions for online privacy and anonymity. And as a way to show their impeccable dedication in keeping the network as secured and spy-proof as possible, they are asking a Read More

John McAfee Offering New Android App for Secure Messaging

International fugitive John McAfee has come out of hiding yet again to preview his newest venture, Chadder. Chadder is a new app which is supposedly going to offer “the highest degree of security and privacy” that a messaging app is capable of achieving while installed on a non-jailbroken device. The exact owner and creator of Read More

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