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HideMyAss Expands Server Network with 11 New Countries

HideMyAss has again expanded its VPN server network by adding 11 new countries with 14 new servers and 2,125 IP addresses. The HMA server network now stands at 768 servers in 151 countries and more than 101,000 IP addresses. The VPN provider says it is currently working on adding more servers where possible and is […]


Best Switzerland VPN

The Swiss constitution guarantees freedom of speech. Under Switzerland’s federal law, publishing ‘leaked official discussions’ is a crime. In 2012, the government investigated several cases that involved secrecy violations by the press. However, nobody was punished for such actions. Downloading the pirated versions of music, videos, games, and movies for personal use is not a […]


Best Kuwait VPN

The Kuwait government doesn’t have absolute control over the media; but even then, journalists in the country exercise self-censorship and stay away from criticizing the royal family. In Kuwait, pornographic sites are the main target of Internet censorship. Similarly, sites offering lesbian/gay content and Arabic forums which facilitate the online exchange of explicit content are […]

How To Watch the FA Cup Finals Outside the UK

Football fans are the best! They are the loudest, the most passionate and craziest fanbases in the entire world of sports. For true football fans out there, we bet you’re already excited about this year’s FA Cup Finals. Football, or soccer, is the most popular sports in many countries such as England, Spain, Italy, Germany, […]