Fresh Round of PayPal Phishing Emails Circulating

Scam emails purporting to be big or reputable companies like PayPal are certainly not a new phenomenon but a new round of phishing emails have been landing in people’s main inboxes since yesterday that may dupe some users. PayPal has even warned on its customer service Twitter page today to be wary of these. There Read More

Canada’s Privacy Watchdog Launches New Data Investigation

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is being investigated by Canada’s privacy watchdog, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for amassing data on people from telecoms without a warrant. The watchdog says that the investigation is ongoing and the findings will be published in the near future. The investigation was sparked three years ago when Read More

Colombian Officials to Receive Cyber Defense Training in Estonia

Nine Colombian government officials are going to Estonia to receive cyber defense training, revealed Colombia Reports. Juan Carlos Pinzon, Minister of Defense, said on Tuesday that it was crucial to develop skills in the areas of cyber defense and cyber security in a world where cyber crime is increasing at a rapid pace and affects Read More

NSA Lackeys Get Demolished by Reservists in US Cybergames

Last year at Fort Meade in Maryland, the NSA’s CYBERCOM division held an internal set of cyber wargames which pitted reservist army officials against active-duty soldiers, and the results weren’t what you might expect. “They were pretty much obliterated,” said one Capitol Hill staffer who attended the exercise. “The active-duty team didn’t even know how Read More

Canadian ISPs Take Stance Against Data Collection

Several ISPs in Canada have taken a stance against data collection from government authorities by making a number of changes to their policies. Providers such as Rogers and Telus have stated that they will no longer hand over data without a warrant granted. The moves follow a Supreme Court ruling last month that stated that Read More

EU’s Right To Be Forgotten Ruling Is A Nightmare For Google

The EU’s ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling that grants people the ability to remove their names from Google’s search listings is turning into a nightmare for the search engine giant. A few days ago, the Guardian informed its readers that it received notifications that six of its articles would be delinked from Google search results Read More