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Instagram Blocked Amid Hong Kong Protests

While the streets of Hong Kong witness mass protests, the Chinese cyberspace is exploding with complaints about yet another case of censorship. Instagram has been banned in mainland China, but it is still available in Hong Kong where pro-democracy students are revolting against Beijing. Videos and photos of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong have Read More


DuckDuckGo Blocked in China Despite Privacy Focus

The privacy-oriented search engine, DuckDuckGo, has been blocked in China. The search engine joins Google and other western tech firms who’ve faced bans in the country. Founder and CEO of the privacy-focused search engine company Gabriel Weinberg confirmed the ban to Tech In Asia, stating that it started a few weeks ago. He added that Read More

China Attacks Google, Strengthens The Great Firewall

In a desperate bid to keep a watch on HTTPS websites, China has launched a man-in-the-middle cyber attack campaign, targeting the users of China Education and Research Network (CERNET) who use Google for search purposes. Nonprofit anti-censorship website reported that these attacks resemble the ones that happened in January 2013. Last year’s attacks were Read More

Chinese Hackers Steal Sensitive Data Related to the MH370 Investigation

A report published in Malaysia’s The Star newspaper claims that hackers have stolen sensitive data from the work computers of Malaysian officials who are involved in the hunt for the missing flight MH370. The hackers then sent the stolen data to China. Computers belonging to the officials at the Civil Aviation Department and the National Read More

Xiaomi Apologizes For Sending User Data To Chinese Servers

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi reportedly upgraded its operating system on August 11 so that users are informed that it was collecting information from their address books and sending the data to Chinese servers. The announcement comes after a computer security firm reported the fast-growing smartphone maker was collecting personal data from address books of Xaiomi Read More

China Says No to Symantec & Kaspersky Lab

Chinese state media is reporting that Symantec and Kaspersky Lab are no longer state-approved anti-virus vendors, stoking speculation that China is doing more and more to step away from foreign technologies. Reuters reports that China’s state-controlled People’s Daily sent out a tweet on its English language account specifically saying that Symantec and Kaspersky Lab were Read More

Canadian Government Blames Chinese Hackers Over Attack

The office of Canada’s National Research Council recently fell prey to a cyber-attack from alleged Chinese hackers, say Canada’s CIO. Chief information officer Corinne Charette revealed that the R&D body was forced to shut down a number of its computers last weekend in response to the “highly sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor”. The Canadian government had Read More

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