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How to Avoid Hackers Stealing Your Information on Public Wi-Fi

In our story yesterday on how to get a free VPN trial, we briefly talked about the importance of encrypting your data whilst using public Wi-Fi. In this post, we’ll dig a little deeper into the subject and explain the different methods hackers are using to gain illegal access to your personal computer and how Read More

Over $1 Billion Stolen with Carbanak Trojan

In what’s sure to take the cake as “largest heist in the history of modern commerce”, members of the research team at Kaspersky Lab have announced they had uncovered a massive operation undertaken by some of the world’s most sophisticated hacking rings, which netted everyone involved just over $1 billion by the time all was Read More

London and New York Police To Trade Cyber Security Staff

Prosecutors from London and New York police have planned to send staff to each other’s offices to increase transatlantic collaboration in a bid to fight cybercrime. The London Police and New York District Attorney’s Office will exchange one member each this spring, and they hope that there will be an expansion of the program in Read More


HSBC Turkey Will Not Reissue Cards Following Data Breach

This week HSBC Turkey was hacked and saw 2.7m customers’ credit information stolen but the bank is refusing to reissue the cards, saying that not enough data was stolen to qualify as fraud. HSBC released a statement earlier this week but says that the stolen data cannot be used to make fraudulent transactions. “Our cards Read More

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