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4 Benefits of Using a VPN Service While Traveling Abroad

This is a guest post from SwitchVPN Staying connected to the world while you’re away on business is an important way to keep everything running smoothly at the office, as well as help keep you sane during those extended periods abroad. Besides a great Wi-Fi connection, there are plenty of tools at the traveling businessperson’s […]

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NSA Hard Drive Breaking Capabilities Revealed by Kaspersky

This week, the Internet security firm Kaspersky Lab released new details about a program developed by the NSA that was designed to burrow into the hard drives of computers from major manufactures such as Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba. Unlike some of the other programs we’ve detailed so far, it seems this operation (or at […]

Vawtrak Crimeware-as-a-Service Threatens Banking Institutions

A new report released by security firm Sophos has raised alarms about the growing popularity of a botnet-based malware model called Vawtrak. The botnet infects common URLs by injecting a malicious code, which allows the attackers to steal Internet banking credentials when a user inputs them on the bank’s site. The attack has gathered the […]

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2014 Was The Year of Hacks, Cybercrime & Data Breaches

In 2014, data breaches and cyber attacks rocked everyone from individuals to companies to governments. High end data attacks stole the personal details of users and took a toll on the finances of companies as millions of financial records were stolen and then sold in underground markets. While some businesses are trying to patch up […]

Best VPN for Travel

The Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab has warned that the ‘Darkhotel’ espionage campaign is still active and has been going on for at least four years. The Darkhotel campaign is designed to target unprotected hotel Wi-Fi networks and steal sensitive data from high profile corporate executives traveling abroad. The hackers behind the […]

DoubleDirect MITM Attacks Target Smartphone & OS X Users

Hackers are conducting MITM (Man in the Middle) attacks against iOS and Android smartphones using a new technique dubbed DoubleDirect, according to security researchers at the San Francisco-based security company, Zimperium. DoubleDirect allows an attacker to redirect the victim’s traffic to his computer. Once the traffic has been redirected, the hacker can steal details and […]


Banking Trojans in Google Play Store Targeting Brazilian Users

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered two malicious applications in the Google Play store that were designed to appear as local banking applications in Brazil. The local Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN) in Brazil notes that more than six million Brazilians use mobile banking on a regular basis, so discovery of malware geared towards mobile users is […]

London and New York Police To Trade Cyber Security Staff

Prosecutors from London and New York police have planned to send staff to each other’s offices to increase transatlantic collaboration in a bid to fight cybercrime. The London Police and New York District Attorney’s Office will exchange one member each this spring, and they hope that there will be an expansion of the program in […]


HSBC Turkey Will Not Reissue Cards Following Data Breach

This week HSBC Turkey was hacked and saw 2.7m customers’ credit information stolen but the bank is refusing to reissue the cards, saying that not enough data was stolen to qualify as fraud. HSBC released a statement earlier this week but says that the stolen data cannot be used to make fraudulent transactions. “Our cards […]


New DRIDEX Malware Deploys Macro Technique to Infect Users

According to a recent blog post from security researchers at the threat monitoring group Trend Micro, a new malware known as DRIDEX has been spotted targeting banking institutions and individual customers who log into their financial accounts from their desktops at home. An evolution of the long-defunct CRIDEX bug which made its debut last year, […]

Dyre Malware Now Sets Sights on Swiss Banks

The Dyreza/Dyre Trojan is back in the news and its popularity among hackers has forced the US-CERT to issue a warning. The latest variant of this malware is hitting the finance industry with a focus on numerous Swiss banks and the recent discovery of the Windows OLE vulnerability. Since October 2014, a massive phishing attack […]


Smart DNS Vs VPN: Breaking Down the Differences

Some websites and online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and others contain regionally restricted (or geo-restricted) content. As a result, the content that they provide is only available for viewing and/or downloading by users who live within their permitted locations. Smart DNS is a service that allows users to access multiple services from […]

Intel & NCR to Build Consumer Protection Solutions

Intel has teamed up with NCR to build end-to-end encryption solutions that will protect financial and consumer data that is processed at point-of-sale systems. Mobile devices and the Internet of Things are beginning to invade the financial and retail services space. It is true that they improve the customer experience, but the existing technology that […]

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Europol Warns of Russian Gangs Plotting Billion Dollar Attack

Europol has warned that criminals are planning a billion dollar cyber attack on major financial institutions in the world. This warning comes at a time when banks in the US are already reeling from the security breach at JPMorgan Chase. By secretly listening to Internet chat rooms, Europol has discovered cyber plotting by Russian criminals […]