Spyware Exports Restricted By The European Union

New restrictions will require spyware makers to request permission from the European Union before their software can be exported to European markets, according to a new ruling this week. According to The Guardian, the ‘intrusion’ software is now included in the ‘dual use’ items list made by the EU, which terms the software as something Read More


UK Police Investigating the Surveillance of Bahraini Activists

The National Cyber Crime Unit has been ordered to investigate the claims that pro-democracy Bahraini activists living in exile in the United Kingdom are under illegal monitoring. Privacy International, a civil rights group, made a complaint to the Metropolitan police about the alleged monitoring of cellphones and computers belonging to exiled Bahraini activists Jaafar al-Hasabi, Read More

Who Are The Enemies of Cyberspace?

In its report ‘Enemies of the Internet’, revealed the names of countries that impose restrictions on the cyberspace. The top five states that engage in online surveillance are China, Bahrain, Vietnam, Iran, and Syria. All five of them conduct online surveillance which can lead to the violation of human rights. The Chinese Great Firewall is Read More

HideMyAss Adds 16 New Servers in 9 New Countries

HideMyAss has added 16 new servers and nine new countries to its VPN network. The VPN provider now has 685 servers in 100 countries. The new update focuses on Asia, adding servers in Oman, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Bahrain, Bangladesh, and Yemen. HMA currently has the largest global VPN network. Other additions include the Read More

FinFisher Hacked in Middle East Media Spying Scandal

Earlier this week on the social news and media aggregation website Reddit, the user “PhineasFisher” revealed that he had hacked into the central servers of the spying software company FinFisher, and discovered they had been assisting oppressive Middle Eastern regimes in Egypt and Bahrain to spy on journalists and activists since the first Arab Spring. Read More

A Squeaky Dolphin is Preventing You From Protesting

These program titles are getting sillier by the day… If the NSA isn’t careful, pretty soon we won’t be able to to tell the difference between the names of their secretive spying operations and the next upcoming Android firmware release. Called “Squeaky Dolphin”, the newest program revealed by Edward Snowden is designed to not only Read More