Quitting Smoking? Charge Your E-Cig Through USB? Better Update That Antivirus

This week, a story emerged on the social news aggregation website Reddit about a new form of malware, one that had been packaged with the USB charger manufactured by an unknown Chinese company and sold by a random lackey on the auction portal eBay. According to the forum (known as a “subreddit”) r/TalesFromTechSupport, an IT Read More

BadUSB Source Code Published on Github

Back in August of this year, we wrote about a new form of malware called BadUSB, which was capable of infecting billions of devices currently in operation around the globe, everything from mice to keyboard, and even simple flash-based thumb drives. The flaw was originally discovered by researchers at Security Research Labs in Berlin, which Read More


How Bad is ‘BadUSB’ Malware?

USB sticks are a common sight, and you’ll find computer users carrying them around in their pockets to share with others. However, they often forget that USB devices can have dangerous viruses and malware. Although these devices are equipped with faithful antivirus programs that obliterate infections, there are certain security threats that are much more Read More