Chinese Government Labels iPhones a “National Security Concern”

Last week, a state-run Chinese media outlet alleged that the iPhone was one of the “least secure” smartphones that residents of the country could depend on when it came to keeping the location of their movements under wraps. The iPhone, which contains a manual toggle to choose whether or not a user is “Frequently Located” Read More


Software-Based Backdoor Discovered in Police Surveillance Equipment

This Wednesday, researchers from the Internet security outfit SEC Consult revealed their report which claims that dozens of surveillance devices and software programs used by local law enforcement to spy on citizens are flawed, containing a litany of backdoors and compromised code that allows ordinary citizens to eavesdrop on active investigations. Provided primarily by Israel-based Read More


New Snowden Leak: NSA Backdoors All US Made Routers

In the latest turn of events, fresh documents from Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald reveal that the NSA has secretly been placing easily accessible backdoors into the routers manufactured and distributed by companies like Linksys, Cisco, and Netgear before they are shipped overseas. According to an excerpt from Greenwald’s new book “No Place to Hide”, Read More


Obama Okays NSA Zero-Day Policy

President Obama has announced that his administration would now require the NSA to publish any unknown zero-day viruses, malware, backdoors, and exploits they discover in the interest of national security. Under one condition… Of course, that condition is about as flexible, stetchable, and malleable as it could possibly be, only requiring the NSA to provide Read More

US Government Makes DDoS Protection Mandatory for Banks

This week, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council released their six-step plan to better protect major financial institutions from the rampant threat of online DDoS attacks. For anyone out of the loop, DDoS attacks occur when a hacker launches the collective might of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of computers at a single website at Read More

IBM Denies Involvement with NSA or GCHQ

IBM have joined the ranks of companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Google and Facebook, when they informed the press that they had not and have not ever colluded with the American or British government in the supply of specialized backdoors into any of the equipment they manufacture for consumers and IT professionals alike. Senior VP Read More

Cisco Patches Vulnerabilities in Wireless Controllers

Cisco, normally one of the more standup providers of home wireless routers and networking tech, doesn’t often find themselves in the same position that higher profile targets such as Netgear and Linksys do. This time around the Santa Clara hardware manufacturer believes their Aironet series wireless access points were hit the hardest with a standard Read More

Microsoft Calls Government Cooperation “Economic Suicide”

This year’s RSA conference has already stirred up a whirlwind of controversy, from the developers leaving to set up their own convention across the street, to CEOs going totally off-script, and now Microsoft’s VP of the Trustworthy Computing Group Scott Charney brazenly taking the stage to deny any and all accusations of cooperation with the Read More

Mozilla Banks Mobile Future on HTML5 Security

At the Mobile World Congress this year in Barcelona, Mozilla announced their push into the Chinese, Indian, and Brazilian low-budget market with their sub-$30 lineup of smartphones and tablets that will be hitting shelves globally in 2014. Relying solely on a HTML5 web-based architecture,  Firefox OS will supposedly usher in a new era of cheap, Read More

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