NSA Program Auroragold Designed to Crack into Carrier Networks

This Thursday, Glenn Greenwald released a new set of leaks from the Snowden files on behalf of his publication The Intercept, which detail yet another program which handily oversteps nearly every boundary of personal privacy it can, while shunting any sense of common decency to the side in pursuit of some disillusioned sense of the Read More

EFF Criticizes FBI Comments on Encryption Backdoors

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has responded to remarks made by the FBI’s director on phone encryption, calling them “bad law”. FBI Director James Comey, much like many law enforcement officials of late, had criticized Apple’s plans to encrypt phones by default. He called for a change in the law to allow backdoors for law Read More

Sentry Eagle

NSA’s ‘Core Secrets’ Programs Put Plants in Top Tech Firms

This weekend, a new set of NSA documents were released by Glenn Greenwald’s new online publication platform The Intercept, detailing a secret set of programs that involve everything from agents being hired to work at foreign telecoms, to cozy relationships between the agency and phone manufacturers that allow them to break the encryption of any Read More

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Head of Europol Cybercrime: Encryption is Unacceptable

The growth of encrypted communication channels is unacceptable according to Troels Oerting, head of Europol’s cybercrime unit, in an interview recently with the BBC. “Imagine in the physical world if you were not able to open the trunk of a car if you had a suspicion that there were weapons or drugs inside… we would Read More

China Approves the iPhone 6 Despite Security Concerns

China has approved the iPhone 6 for sale in the country despite previous security concerns over Apple’s new flagship device. October 17 has been set as the official release date after Apple passed a number of regulatory hurdles and proved to the Chinese authorities that no backdoors exist in the device that could be exploited Read More


Verizon Introduces QR Codes For User Authentication

Fed up with entering passwords for user authentication? Verizon thinks it has a solution. The company has announced ‘Universal ID’, a service that will replace usernames and passwords with a QR code login that consumers can scan with their smartphones to gain access to apps and websites. Enterprises can deploy this new type of login Read More


Airport Security Equipment Vulnerable To New Hacks

Airport security has advanced rapidly in the last decade, but according to the findings of a security researcher, the guardians of the airport, using some of the most advanced monitoring machines (luggage x-rays, backscatter machines, trace scanning detectors, explosive-sniffing computers, etc.), have a security issue of their own to worry about. At the Black Hat Read More

Black Hat Speaker Reveals SATCOM Vulnerabilities

On Thursday, IOACTIVE Principal Security Consultant Reuben Santamarta described how a malicious attacker could breach satellite communications (SATCOM) systems for ships and aircraft. Santamarta’s presentation at Black Hat USA 2014 received considerable attention and speculation prior to his August 7 briefing. Santamarta presented his findings based on the IOACTIVE white paper SATCOM Terminals: Hacking by Read More

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