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Over $1 Billion Stolen with Carbanak Trojan

In what’s sure to take the cake as “largest heist in the history of modern commerce”, members of the research team at Kaspersky Lab have announced they had uncovered a massive operation undertaken by some of the world’s most sophisticated hacking rings, which netted everyone involved just over $1 billion by the time all was […]

Security Experts Slam Cameron Over Encryption Ban Proposal

British Prime Minister David Cameron has come under fire for promising to ban encrypted and ephemeral messaging apps if he is re-elected later this year. His comments came just a few days after the Paris terrorist attacks. In a speech earlier this week, Cameron pledged new surveillance powers to combat terrorist communications. “In our country, […]


SoakSoak Malware Forces Google to Blacklist 11K WordPress Sites

Google has blacklisted over 11,000 WordPress based websites that were infected by a Russian malware named SoakSoak, which redirects users to shady links that download harmful payloads to their systems. WordPress is among the most popular CMS (content management systems), which is used to run more than 70 million sites on the web. This makes […]


US Senator Introduces Bill To Ban FBI Backdoors in Devices

US Senator Ron Wyden has introduced a new bill that bans the government from planting backdoors into US tech electronics and software. The ‘Secure Data Act’ is aimed to protect data security and privacy of all US citizens. The Oregon senator’s bill specifically bans agencies from forcing software developers and device manufacturers to modify their […]


Dare Devil PoS Malware Targets ATMs & Ticket Machines

Hackers are taking advantage of new malware called Dare Devil (stylized as “d4re|dev1|”) created to steal financial payment card data from PoS terminals and also attack electronic kiosks and vending systems. Dare Devil was discovered by security researchers from IntelCrawler, a cyber intelligence firm. They found the malware can steal data from multiple point of […]

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23,000 Websites at Risk of Backdoor CryptoPHP Threat

Just before everyone headed home for Thanksgiving break last week, researchers at the Netherlands-based digital forensics lab Fox IT posted a whitepaper which detailed the results of their investigation into a bug that could affect over 23,000 websites that use the WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal publication platforms to host their own content. Called CryptoPHP (due […]

Regin Malware Confirmed as UK and US Spying Tool

Over the weekend, the Internet and Twittersphere was abuzz with rumors and information about a new malware program, known as Regin, that was first made public by the threat research group at Symantec. Since hitting the wires, there has been a flurry of speculation as to whether or not the malware was state-sponsored or the […]

Security Flaw Discovered in OSX Yosemite, Dubbed “Rootpipe”

Details have emerged on Twitter regarding a new exploit for OSX Yosemite that gives hackers the ability to escalate administrative privileges on a compromised machine, and bypass the usual safeguards which are supposed to place a stop on anyone who tries to root the OS through a temporary backdoor. First discovered by Swedish penetration tester […]

OSX Yosemite Tracks User Location, Search Data by Default

Apple have injected an interesting tidbit of information in their “About Spotlight & Privacy” terms of service for the release of their newest iteration of OSX, dubbed Yosemite, which details the way the Spotlight app carefully tracks both the content of your searches, as well as the location you were in when you made the […]


Tor Router Anonabox Banks $600k on Kickstarter in 48 Hours

This week, a little-known upstart company Anonabox posted a Kickstarter for a new product that would make the process of signing onto the Tor anonymization protocol on your home network easier and more streamlined than ever before. Hoping to raise $7,500 in 30 days, the company’s expectations were shattered when over $600,000 poured into their […]

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NSA’s ‘Core Secrets’ Programs Put Plants in Top Tech Firms

This weekend, a new set of NSA documents were released by Glenn Greenwald’s new online publication platform The Intercept, detailing a secret set of programs that involve everything from agents being hired to work at foreign telecoms, to cozy relationships between the agency and phone manufacturers that allow them to break the encryption of any […]

Qbot Malware Target Banks, Infects More Than 500K Systems

Researchers working at security company Proofpoint believe that a cybercrime group that speaks Russian has infected more than 500,000 systems. The group is targeting the online operations of major banks in Europe and US. The group, which has been dubbed Northern Gold by Proofpoint, has been operational since 2008. Wayne Huang, Vice President of Engineering […]

Just Like iOS 8, Google Bolsters Android Encryption

Google is expected to reveal its most advanced Android OS version ‘L’ in the upcoming months. But before the anticipated release, the web giant came out saying its next Android OS version will feature data encryption by default, without requiring manipulation with phone settings. This will help Android smartphone owners to prevent law enforcement agencies […]

Apple Claims No More iPhone Decryption with iOS 8

Apple has released a statement which claims that from now on, absolutely no government requests for personal data will be honored thanks to new security measures built into the iOS 8 architecture. To start things off, the company explicitly states their position on the practice of handing over private customer information to the authorities, deriding […]


Hackers Use Twitch.tv Chat to Target Steam Wallets

The security research firm F-Secure has announced they have discovered a new form of malware that has been spreading itself over links posted in the chat of the video game streaming service Twitch.tv. Twitch, which was just picked up by Amazon for just under $1bn last month, is a website that gives 55 millions users […]

No Heartbleed Attacks Before Disclosure, Says Report

This week, researchers from the University of Illinois, Cal Berkeley, Purdue, and the International Computer Science Institute revealed a new report, which alleges that a large majority of the attacks for Heartbleed didn’t take place until after the bug’s public disclosure back in April of this year. Because the SSL vulnerability was only previously known […]

Visitors To High-Profile Websites Affected By Malvertising

A week ago, some visitors to high-profile websites were redirected to browser exploits that installed malware on their PCs, courtesy of the malware advertisements on those websites. The malicious advertisements were discovered between August 19 and August 22, and users didn’t have to click these advertisements to be infected. Researchers from Dutch security firm Fox-IT […]

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Trend Micro Discovers Hole on Netis Routers

Trend Micro have posted a blog on their website that alleges that Netis routers, a popular option for consumer-level networking equipment in China, have been exposed to a hole that would allow anyone with the exploit code the ability to gain administrative access and sneak their way into a user’s home network. Developed and distributed […]

Home-Brewed Chinese Operating System to Be Ready By October

China may launch its own desktop operating system in October, Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday. By building its own operating system, China hopes to take on American tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Google. China is keen on helping its domestic IT products to keep pace with imported operating systems like Google’s Android and […]