NSA Program Auroragold Designed to Crack into Carrier Networks

This Thursday, Glenn Greenwald released a new set of leaks from the Snowden files on behalf of his publication The Intercept, which detail yet another program which handily oversteps nearly every boundary of personal privacy it can, while shunting any sense of common decency to the side in pursuit of some disillusioned sense of the Read More

Zeus is Back in Action, and Plaguing Email Accounts Everywhere

Everyone’s favorite trojan is back, and badder than ever. According to internet researchers from Websense Security Labs, a new variant of the Zeus malware/trojan combo has started to make waves in small, concentrated email campaigns designed to infect users’ computers and lift out valuable financial details by way of malicious attachments. The new variant, affectionately Read More


Microsoft Encrypts OneDrive, Outlook to Thwart NSA

In a move that should be expected of all top-tier technology companies these days, Microsoft has announced that its OneDrive and cloud services will automatically encrypt users data from here on out. In a blog post, VP of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group Matt Thomlinson said the company has been working tirelessly to get the Read More

Cisco and Juniper Routers at Risk From Heartbleed Bug

This afternoon, engineers at Cisco took to the company’s advisory alert board to post information regarding more devices that could be affected by the Heartbleed bug, including a detailed list as to exactly which network hubs, switches, and unified communication hubs have been made vulnerable as a result of the leak in OpenSSL code. For Read More


MIT Claims “Anti-NSA” Encryption Breakthrough

A group of researchers from MIT have announced that they have finally cracked the code on an encryption method that not even PRISM, one of the most effective and pervasive NSA information collection methods to date, could match. Mylar is a new program that runs software inside a pre-secured area of common servers, capable of Read More

Snowden Speaks in SXSW Teleconference

At this year’s SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, Texas, Edward Snowden took to the monitors of a packed auditorium for an interview that was streamed live from an undisclosed location somewhere in Russia. Snowden’s appearance apparently packed the halls of the theater designated to hold attendees for his conference, along with two other overflow Read More

Microsoft Joins Google, Yahoo in Backbone Encryption Effort

Since we first broke the news the NSA had gained unrestricted access to the backbone fiber optic lines between the server farms of Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and Google, the security of our information online has been called into question by members of Congress, foreign ambassadors, and entire nations alike. “These allegations are very disturbing. If Read More

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