Netflix Releases Scumblr, Seeks ‘Outside Perspective’

Netflix has announced an open source release of its in-house security tools Scumblr and Sketchy. The Netflix security team has been using these tools internally since February 2014 and determined they are now stable and useful enough to open up to the public developer community. Netflix senior application security engineer Scott Behrens spoke to ThreatPost Read More


Hackers Sneak Back into AWS for DDoS Launch Hub

Last Friday, Kaspersky Lab researcher Kurt Baumgartner reported that Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing division was suffering from a highly sophisticated attack by a group of unknown hackers, who had found a way to reverse engineer proof-of-concept code and create an easily-accessible backdoor for themselves into Amazon’s massive bank of available processing power. By exploiting the Read More

Amazon Doubles as Cloud-Based Malware Host

Today, IT security firm Solutionary released their quarterly threat report, placing Amazon Web Services (Amazon’s cloud hosting arm) at the top of the list as the most popular source for malware distribution and attacks throughout North America. The damning report comes shortly after hackers supposedly utilized the Amazon cloud host to scrape the details and Read More