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NSA and GCHQ Hack SIM Card Provider Gemalto

According to a report this week from Glenn Greenwald’s leak-happy publication The Intercept, new documents out of the Snowden archive suggest that the NSA and GCHQ have been actively hacking the world’s largest provider of SIM cards in order to eavesdrop on cellphones on a global scale. The program, helmed by the Mobile Handset Exploitation […]


Experts Warn of Rising Ransomware in 2015

Security experts are expecting 2015 to be the year where ransomware and extortionware grows significantly, according to reports. In its 2015 Threats Prediction Report, McAfee Labs says that this year we will see an increase in the use of cyber espionage and cyber warfare tactics, with analysts predicting an increase in ransomware and extortionware, where […]


Windows 8.1 Vulnerability Discovered by Google Security Team

Members of Google’s highly-regarded Zero security team have released details about a new privilege exploit they discovered buried deep in the central architecture of Windows 8.1. The exploit works by hijacking the way Microsoft validates impersonation level access keys in system bound processes (such as BITS). It was first reported to representatives at Technet back […]

Vawtrak Crimeware-as-a-Service Threatens Banking Institutions

A new report released by security firm Sophos has raised alarms about the growing popularity of a botnet-based malware model called Vawtrak. The botnet infects common URLs by injecting a malicious code, which allows the attackers to steal Internet banking credentials when a user inputs them on the bank’s site. The attack has gathered the […]


Syrian Electronic Army Hacks the International Business Times

On Wednesday, the SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) penetrated the website of business news site International Business Times, breaching the publication’s CMS (content management system) and threatened to wipe out the entire site if it continues to publish ‘false news’ about Syria. The anonymous hacking group also deleted an article pertaining to Syrian violence. On the […]

OpenVPN Fixes Major DoS Vulnerability

OpenVPN has fixed a major denial of service (DoS) vulnerability that allows authenticated clients to attack its servers. Researcher Dragana Damjanovic was the first to discover this vulnerability, which has been labeled as CVE-2014-8104. Using this flaw, any TLS-authenticated client can easily crash OpenVPN servers, with this vulnerability present in their software program since 2005. […]


Uber Begrudgingly Moves to Two Factor Authentication in India

Uber has been forced to comply with rules in India that state it must use two factor authentication for online transactions, despite the ride sharing company’s protestations. The app announced that it will comply with the rules put in place by the Reserve Bank of India but said that they were “an antiquated solution that […]

Lazy Password Practices Are All Too Common Says New Study

UK Internet users are reusing passwords and exercising poor password practices, which is putting their data at risk, according to a new study. In a survey conducted by TeleSign of more than 2,000 consumers, the mobile identity company discovered that 62 percent of consumers risked compromise of their online accounts and other similar credentials because […]

Consumers End Up Footing The Bill for Massive Data Breaches

2014 has been the year of the breach with more major data breaches than previous years, especially in retail and as the holiday shopping season approaches, more and more retailers are at risk. A massive data breach can be debilitating for a company but it has many far reaching effects too and can pass on […]


Banking Trojans in Google Play Store Targeting Brazilian Users

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered two malicious applications in the Google Play store that were designed to appear as local banking applications in Brazil. The local Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN) in Brazil notes that more than six million Brazilians use mobile banking on a regular basis, so discovery of malware geared towards mobile users is […]

Researchers Expose Vulnerability in Visa Contactless Cards

Researchers at Newcastle University have identified a major vulnerability in Visa’s contactless cards that could allow hackers to steal huge amounts of money from users’ accounts without their knowledge. Contactless credit cards allow users in the UK to make transactions that cost less than £20 without entering their PIN, speeding up the process and improving […]


Pen Tester Finds Vulnerability In Accessing Voicemail Accounts

Shubham Shah, a Sydney-based penetration tester, has urged European and US researchers to probe the security of their telcos’ voicemail systems after he discovered vulnerabilities in accounts held by Optus and Vodafone. These companies were vulnerable as flaws in design meant both of them did not limit the number of password guessing attempts in visual […]

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Imperva WAAR Report Shows Increase in Attacks on Amazon Web Services

There is an alarming increase in the number of hacking attempts launched from Amazon’s cloud based servers, as shown by the WAAR report by Imperva. Cloud systems are quite popular with cyber criminals because they have several flaws that a smart hacker can easily exploit. Also, in spite of their huge popularity, cloud-based storage systems […]

Dropbox Passwords Posted Online, Company Denies Hack

Dropbox has denied reports that it was hacked after hundreds of usernames and passwords were posted online. The company posted on its blog yesterday that it has not been hacked following initial reports over the weekend and has since offered an update this morning. “A subsequent list of usernames and passwords has been posted online. […]


MasterCard Launches SafetyNet to Prevent Cyber Fraud

MasterCard’s newly launched SafetyNet system can identify potential hacking attempts before they start. The company has been working hard to make card payments safe, and by launching SafetyNet, they have taken another step ahead. MasterCard says that the new tool lowers the risk of hacking of payment systems by identifying and stopping attacks even before […]

Are You Taking All Precautions For Online Banking?

The Trojan Tinba Banker has started making headlines all over again. It has affected a large number of banks in the US. Although it is very light (just 20 KB), it possesses network sniffing and ‘man-in-the-browser’ capabilities. Meanwhile in the UK, banking fraud has increased although banks have rolled out complex encryption systems. Banks are well aware […]

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iPhone 6 Touch ID Has Fake Fingerprint Security Vulnerability

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales have been smashing records but those who stress about security may be somewhat shocked to know that a security researcher has discovered a vulnerability in the Touch ID technology of iPhone 6, indicating that Apple has done a little to enhance the security of this feature. Lookout Security’s […]