GOP Releases Photos of Sony Files from Hacks

Earlier this week, employees at Sony Pictures America signed on to their work computers to find a nasty message planted on every screen in the building, claiming their systems had been hacked by an unknown group of criminals going only by the moniker #GOP. The Guardians of Peace, as they call themselves, had taken complete Read More

UK Firms Consider Hiring Ex-Hackers as Security Experts

Almost three-quarters of UK-based companies have admitted that they are facing a shortage in security skills, while some organizations said that they would certainly consider hiring a former hacker to stay safe from cyber crooks, says a report from KPMG. A survey by KPMG involving 300 senior HR and IT experts from organizations with more Read More

15K Students Breached at North Dakota Colleges

More than 15,000 students on databases at the North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) have been infected by malware, potentially affecting data such as names, addresses and Social Security numbers. The breach occurred on secured computers at two NDSCS campuses in Wahpeton and Fargo. The college says that at this time it has seen Read More

NOAA Slow to Fix Weather Satellite Vulnerabilities

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is behind schedule in updating its newest satellite systems and, as a result, is facing serious security vulnerabilities. The Department of Commerce Assistant Inspector General issued an urgent report to NOAA Under Secretary Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan. The report refers to an audit on NOAA’s IT security Read More


Ex-Employees’ Access Can Leave Businesses Vulnerable

What does a typical person take with him when he leaves his job? A new report by Intermedia says that it’s not just their personal belongings, but also their official passwords, corporate social media login details, and confidential files stored in the cloud. These findings are revealed in the 2014 SMB Rogue Access Study by Read More

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