Quitting Smoking? Charge Your E-Cig Through USB? Better Update That Antivirus

This week, a story emerged on the social news aggregation website Reddit about a new form of malware, one that had been packaged with the USB charger manufactured by an unknown Chinese company and sold by a random lackey on the auction portal eBay. According to the forum (known as a “subreddit”) r/TalesFromTechSupport, an IT Read More


Civil Society Organizations Face the Threat of Cyber Attack Too

The computer espionage attacks that hit many governments and industries also target organizations working to protect civil liberties and human rights around the world, according to a new report from the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab. However, unlike government and industrial organizations, civil society groups do not have enough resources to handle this problem alone. Read More

Dyre Malware Now Sets Sights on Swiss Banks

The Dyreza/Dyre Trojan is back in the news and its popularity among hackers has forced the US-CERT to issue a warning. The latest variant of this malware is hitting the finance industry with a focus on numerous Swiss banks and the recent discovery of the Windows OLE vulnerability. Since October 2014, a massive phishing attack Read More

Italian Councils Paralyzed By Bitcoin Ransomware Virus

Municipal councils across Italy have seen their PC files encrypted by a ransomware virus demanding Bitcoin payments to decrypt the files. Ransom demands are starting at around €400 Euros and failure to pay the amount within three days doubles the ransom. Officers in Bussoleno, a small town in Northern Italy, could only recover important data Read More


Ebola-Themed Emails Used To Spread Malware

As of today, 4,881 deaths of Ebola had been reported in West Africa. While the rapid spread of the virus and risk of a pandemic is causing fear around the globe, cyber criminals are trying to exploit the situation as casual email users forget basic security practices in an attempt to keep themselves ‘updated’. Security Read More

Dropbox Users Face Phishing Attacks Following Leak

Seven million Dropbox users recently lost their login and password credentials due to a major leak and users of the cloud storage service have now become victims of a major phishing attack. The attack, spread by thousands of spam emails, invited users to download a recently sent file by clicking on the link provided in Read More


Australia Becomes the Number One Target of Phishing Attacks

A report released by Kaspersky Lab says that Australia has become the number one target of phishing attacks. The country topped the list by overtaking Brazil, which now occupies the second position. The analysis reveals that phishing attacks targeting Australians have almost doubled. In fact, Australia now accounts for almost 25 percent of the global Read More

New Peter Pan Virus Takes UK by Storm

Early on Monday, reports of a new phishing scam began to surface from several individuals and businesses in the UK, claiming that employees are being tricked into downloading infected attachments containing malware that’s designed to burrow into a computer and lie in wait for any username/password combos that might give the virus a better chance Read More

VPN Creative Interviews: Lookingglass Cyber Solutions

In this week’s installment of VPN Creative’s newest interview series, we sat down with the Chief Intelligence and Collections Office of Lookingglass Cyber Solutions Jason Lewis to discuss everything from the threat of older worms like Conficker on modern systems, as well as what the future of the cloud looks like as thieves come up Read More

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