Nigeria Will Imprison Cyber Criminals for 7 Years

Nigeria is set to clamp down hard on cybercrime with a new law that will punish cyber criminals with seven years in prison. The bill was passed into law on October 24. Senator Adegbenga Kaka sponsored the bill, which seeks to curb identity fraud and bolster the country’s online security. The bill with its full Read More


Tyupkin ATM Malware Lets Criminals Steal Millions

Malware may infect your mobile devices to steal passwords and make your PCs run slower, but they’ve come a long way; today they can also attack ATM machines and empty the cash. Kaspersky Lab researchers recently revealed that a malicious program called ‘Backdoor.MSIL.Tyupkin’ is stealing money from ATMs running a 32-bit versions of Windows platforms, Read More

Hundreds of Android, Amazon Apps Vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle Attack

Security researcher Will Dormann of the US Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has reported this week that over 350 apps from the Google Play and Amazon App stores have been compromised due to a flaw that fails to validate certificates over a secure socket layer. The bug, which opens up many popular mobile applications such Read More

google glass

Researchers Find New Google Glass Hack

A team of Dutch security experts have found a way to hack Google Glass and remotely view what the wearer is seeing, raising serious security concerns over the notorious wearable device. Through hacking the device, the remote hacker can film and take photos without the user’s consent and most tellingly, can access passwords and PIN Read More


Surprisingly, These Are Your Bank’s Biggest Security Risks

With the Heartbleed bug starting to generate less noise in the news, an interesting takeaway from the whole incident is the strength of many of the largest banks in the world. It really is impressive to see that the majority of the online banking websites have been left unaffected by the Heartbleed bug. Still, banks Read More

MtGox Claims Fix for Withdrawal Issues Coming Soon

If you tried to pull your Bitcoins out of a MtGox-based wallet service this week, you may have received a somberly-worded email from your respective provider instead of the cash you were hoping for. Due to what MtGox called a “transaction malleability” issue, everyone currently trading on their market would have to wait until the Read More

ATM Machines Robbed by New USB Virus

At least there are still some hackers out there willing to get their hands dirty like the old days. Thousands of dollars have gone missing from a number of ATMs across Europe in the past few weeks, and two anonymous security researchers may have finally figured out why. According to their report, dozens of targeted ATMS Read More