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Netflix in Indonesia May be Banned or Censored Soon

Just a few days after launching in the country, Indonesia is possibly making moves to ban Netflix. Lembaga Sensor Film (LSF), or Indonesian Censorship Agency, has expressed its concern over the streaming giant’s catalog of films. According to the agency’s chairman, Ahmad Yani Basuki, it has banned a number of films from showing in cinemas […]

How to Watch FIBA Asia Championship 2015 Online

Asia may be known for its martial arts, but basketball is nevertheless a very popular sport in the entire region. This explains why several major basketball tournaments are taking place in Asia. One of the most coveted basketball tournament in Asia is FIBA Asia Championship which is held every two years. The last FIBA Asia […]


4 Benefits of Using a VPN Service While Traveling Abroad

This is a guest post from SwitchVPN Staying connected to the world while you’re away on business is an important way to keep everything running smoothly at the office, as well as help keep you sane during those extended periods abroad. Besides a great Wi-Fi connection, there are plenty of tools at the traveling businessperson’s […]


Following Sony Hack, FBI Warns Over Dangerous New Malware

The FBI has warned US businesses that hackers have used a malicious software program to launch a highly destructive cyber attack in the country. The warning was issued in the wake of the massive breach at Sony Corp’s California unit and more attacks may be on the horizon. Cybersecurity experts said that the software mentioned […]


Vodafone Company Linked to British Mass Surveillance Program

The undersea cables that stretch into the UK not only connect the nation with other parts of the world, but also serve other purposes. Media reports suggest that Vodafone-owned cable company helped GCHQ eavesdrop on a large number of Internet users. News reports based on data leaked by whistleblower and former NSA employee Edward Snowden […]


Best Slovenia VPN

The 2012 Index of Economic Freedom ranked Slovenia 76th among 177 countries in freedom and openness. Hong Kong and Singapore occupied the first and second positions in the list. Slovenia is generally regarded as ‘moderately free’ as the government does not usually monitor the Internet activities of its citizens. This, however, doesn’t mean that Internet […]


Darkhotel Targets High Level Executives Through Hotel Wi-Fi

A group of sophisticated cyber criminals has compromised the Wi-Fi networks of luxury hotels for the past few years to launch malicious attacks against business people in the Asia-Pacific region. Researchers from Kaspersky Lab dubbed the cyber-espionage group as ‘Darkhotel’ and tell us that it operates by injecting malicious codes into the Web portals used […]


Pirate Bay Co-Founder Arrested in Thailand

Fresh off the heels of Gottfrid Svartholm’s sentencing in Copenhagen, his Pirate Bay co-founder Hans Fredrik Lennart Neij (aka TiAMO) was arrested by Interpol on the Laos/Thailand border. The arrest was made on Monday, according to The Guardian. Neij (36) had been on the run since 2009 after he and his cohorts were found guilty […]


Best Panama VPN

It is true that transparency legislation exists in Panama; however, the country does not provide unrestricted access to public information. And in cases that involve corruption, government officials have almost always shown a tendency to hide information. The media have also encountered censorship and harassment from private sector companies. In one such instance, several trucks […]


Best Kuwait VPN

The Kuwait government doesn’t have absolute control over the media; but even then, journalists in the country exercise self-censorship and stay away from criticizing the royal family. In Kuwait, pornographic sites are the main target of Internet censorship. Similarly, sites offering lesbian/gay content and Arabic forums which facilitate the online exchange of explicit content are […]

HideMyAss Adds 16 New Servers in 9 New Countries

HideMyAss has added 16 new servers and nine new countries to its VPN network. The VPN provider now has 685 servers in 100 countries. The new update focuses on Asia, adding servers in Oman, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Bahrain, Bangladesh, and Yemen. HMA currently has the largest global VPN network. Other additions include the […]


DuckDuckGo Blocked in China Despite Privacy Focus

The privacy-oriented search engine, DuckDuckGo, has been blocked in China. The search engine joins Google and other western tech firms who’ve faced bans in the country. Founder and CEO of the privacy-focused search engine company Gabriel Weinberg confirmed the ban to Tech In Asia, stating that it started a few weeks ago. He added that […]


Best India VPN

Millions of Indians access the Internet on a regular basis. The country is also an important hub of technology. In India, both central and state governments practice Internet censorship. While there are no government policies that prevent access to the Internet on a massive scale; offensive, objectionable, or politically sensitive content is routinely removed. It […]

KorBanker Adds Mobile Malware to Multi-Vector Threats

FireEye has released an updated analysis on the behavior of Android banking malware KorBanker. The security researchers have been observing the malware’s behavior over the past year to determine the scope of newer mobile malware threats. Android.KorBanker is a banking malware that has been affecting Korean users since at least September 2013. It mimics an […]