Best VPN for Online Privacy 2014

When the Internet was in its nascent stage, user privacy was not a big issue. Privacy in those days meant being online when there was nobody else in the room. However, now the situation is entirely different, with most websites using cookies to collect personally identifiable information from you. While they claim that this will Read More

Fake App for ‘The Interview’ Puts Malware on 20k Phones

If there’s one thing malware makers have learned to take advantage of over the years it’s that wherever there’s big news, there’s even bigger opportunities to exploit the public. This time around, the tactic takes the form of an Android app that shares a name with the same film that’s been all over the headlines Read More

DoubleDirect MITM Attacks Target Smartphone & OS X Users

Hackers are conducting MITM (Man in the Middle) attacks against iOS and Android smartphones using a new technique dubbed DoubleDirect, according to security researchers at the San Francisco-based security company, Zimperium. DoubleDirect allows an attacker to redirect the victim’s traffic to his computer. Once the traffic has been redirected, the hacker can steal details and Read More


Banking Trojans in Google Play Store Targeting Brazilian Users

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered two malicious applications in the Google Play store that were designed to appear as local banking applications in Brazil. The local Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN) in Brazil notes that more than six million Brazilians use mobile banking on a regular basis, so discovery of malware geared towards mobile users is Read More

WireLurker Culprits Arrested in China

A few weeks ago, we reported on a new style of iOS malware known as WireLurker that had been rapidly spreading throughout the Chinese market over the past several months. By posing as a legitimate application on the country’s third-party marketplace the Maiyadi App Store, WireLurker was able to record and analyze the content on Read More

Apple Questioned By The FTC Over Health Data Privacy

The US Federal Trade Commission is questioning Apple over how it plans to use sensitive data gathered from users through the company’s new Health app and the upcoming wearable watch. Reuters reports that Apple representatives have met with FTC officials several times in the past few months to discuss the matter. Specifically, the FTC wants Read More

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