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Max Schrems Takes Facebook Privacy Case to EU Court

Privacy activist Max Schrems is taking a case against Facebook to the European Court of Justice today to prevent US government agencies accessing user data. Schrems filed a case against Ireland’s Data Protection Commission last year, claiming that Ireland needs to investigate the data protection practices of Facebook. The social network’s European HQ is based […]


Edward Snowden Spills All in Reddit AMA

On Monday, the triple team of Laura Poitras, Glenn Greenwald, and Edward Snowden himself took to the news aggregation website Reddit to participate in an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on the tails of their Oscar win from Sunday night for the documentary Citizenfour. The community wasted no time in hitting Snowden with the hard questions, […]

Security Experts Slam Cameron Over Encryption Ban Proposal

British Prime Minister David Cameron has come under fire for promising to ban encrypted and ephemeral messaging apps if he is re-elected later this year. His comments came just a few days after the Paris terrorist attacks. In a speech earlier this week, Cameron pledged new surveillance powers to combat terrorist communications. “In our country, […]

Ireland: US Needs Permission to View Microsoft Data

The Irish government has submitted a court filing that says that US courts must get its permission to access emails stored in a Microsoft data center in Dublin. The US government has been attempting to access a user’s email data for several months in an ongoing drug trafficking investigation but Microsoft has refused, stating the […]


US Senator Introduces Bill To Ban FBI Backdoors in Devices

US Senator Ron Wyden has introduced a new bill that bans the government from planting backdoors into US tech electronics and software. The ‘Secure Data Act’ is aimed to protect data security and privacy of all US citizens. The Oregon senator’s bill specifically bans agencies from forcing software developers and device manufacturers to modify their […]


LastPass Release Scorecard of ‘Naughty & Nice’ E-tailers

LastPass has published its e-tailer scorecard for a number of major business’ online stores, scoring how each one does in protecting user data such as names, addresses, and most importantly, payment data. Cyber Monday may be over but the online shopping frenzy ahead of Christmas is anything but the password manager chronicles the “naughty and […]


Best Taiwan VPN

The Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan conducted a survey and found that in 2011, 81.8 percent of Taiwanese households had Internet access. The constitution of Taiwan provides freedom of press and speech, and the political system also allows complete freedom to its citizens. There have been no official restrictions on Internet surfing or government […]

Apple Questioned By The FTC Over Health Data Privacy

The US Federal Trade Commission is questioning Apple over how it plans to use sensitive data gathered from users through the company’s new Health app and the upcoming wearable watch. Reuters reports that Apple representatives have met with FTC officials several times in the past few months to discuss the matter. Specifically, the FTC wants […]


Government Spy Program Uses Airplanes To Collect Phone Data

The US Justice Department has been reportedly using special electronic devices on airplanes to simulate phone towers in order to collect user data from unsuspecting Americans. This program was originally created to catch criminals, but it collects information from innocent citizens as well, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The allegations suggest that the […]

Apple Insider on Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of iOS Malware

Researchers at the Internet security firm FireEye have published details on a new iOS malware, dubbed Masque, which disguises infected payloads behind third party applications and can install itself on a user’s device via phishing emails opened on the phone’s internal reader. Masque works by exploiting a feature that Apple included in iOS for large […]


Windows-Ready WireLurker Discovered, Apple Deploys Patch

This week in WireLurker news, it was revealed that the developers of the malware had originally created a viable attack path that allowed the program to run and proliferate on Windows-based machines. The trojan, which was supposedly confined to systems running OSX, has now evolved to adapt to users who connect their iPhones or iPads […]

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Study Finds Common Messaging Apps Lack Minimum Security Standards

Experts from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have evaluated common messaging tools in a new study, finding that only a few apps meet minimum security standards. The researchers examined 39 popular messaging apps and only six of them had the features required to ensure the security of messages sent over the Internet. Popular messaging apps […]