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Lookout’s State of iOS Security

There is a much more level playing field for malware on iOS now compared to Android, according to Lookout Security, who says that iOS malware currently looks a lot like Android malware in 2010. With its newest infographic below Lookout attempts to dispel some myths around the existence of dangerous malware in the App Store. Read More

WireLurker Culprits Arrested in China

A few weeks ago, we reported on a new style of iOS malware known as WireLurker that had been rapidly spreading throughout the Chinese market over the past several months. By posing as a legitimate application on the country’s third-party marketplace the Maiyadi App Store, WireLurker was able to record and analyze the content on Read More

Apple Questioned By The FTC Over Health Data Privacy

The US Federal Trade Commission is questioning Apple over how it plans to use sensitive data gathered from users through the company’s new Health app and the upcoming wearable watch. Reuters reports that Apple representatives have met with FTC officials several times in the past few months to discuss the matter. Specifically, the FTC wants Read More

Apple Insider on Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of iOS Malware

Researchers at the Internet security firm FireEye have published details on a new iOS malware, dubbed Masque, which disguises infected payloads behind third party applications and can install itself on a user’s device via phishing emails opened on the phone’s internal reader. Masque works by exploiting a feature that Apple included in iOS for large Read More


Windows-Ready WireLurker Discovered, Apple Deploys Patch

This week in WireLurker news, it was revealed that the developers of the malware had originally created a viable attack path that allowed the program to run and proliferate on Windows-based machines. The trojan, which was supposedly confined to systems running OSX, has now evolved to adapt to users who connect their iPhones or iPads Read More

WireLurker Malware Attacks iOS Devices Through USB

According to a report from the threat monitoring firm Palo Alto Networks, a new form of iOS malware has been discovered that uses infected OSX machines connected to iPhones and iPads to infect a mobile device. Dubbed “WireLurker”, the program was first spotted in China after being distributed on the Maiyadi App Store, which acts Read More

Snapchat Saver SnapSaved Has Data Snapped Up from Server

A few short hours ago, a repository of photos from the iOS and Android app Snapchat appeared on the website 4/chan, along with the usernames and passwords of the affected accounts attached to each pic. There are two possible culprits in this caper, and surprisingly, neither of them are Snapchat themselves. Instead, the problem probably Read More

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