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85% of all Phishing Scams Sourced from China, Says Report

According to a newly minted report from the Anti-Phishing Workgroup, nearly 85 percent of all phishing attacks on the open Internet are launched on behalf of hackers and criminal organizations from inside the red giant, China. Out of 22,679 malicious domain registrations reviewed by the research team, over 19,000 of them were registered in China […]

Malvertising Campaign Targets AOL, Yahoo & More

Web pages managed by AOL, Yahoo, Match.com, and The Atlantic have this week been detected as serving malicious ads, which may have put visitors to those sites vulnerable to downloading ransomware, warn researchers. The malvertising campaign was spotted by security firm the Proofpoint and had an impact on visitors to at least 22 high-profile websites. […]

Who Are Data Brokers And Why Are They After You?

Last month, 30 companies including Adobe, AOL, and Salesforce were charged for violating the EU data transfer agreement. These companies had data brokers who sold detailed user profiles to third parties. A data broker is essentially a consumer data company that sells your information to advertisers or other parties for financial gains. Brokers get hold […]

Tailor-made NSA iPhone Backdoor, or Apple’s Diagnostic Disaster?

This week, we reported on a potential backdoor in iOS devices that would allow anyone with a couple extra minutes on their hands the ability to download the entirety of the data contained on someone’s phone in an instant. The piece was written off information presented at the Hope X conference in New York last […]

NSA Issues First “Transparency” Report in Response to Snowden Leaks

The US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has released the NSA’s very first transparency report which detailed the number of targets the agency has spied on since their effort to ramp up operations started to take off back in 2001. So far those who have dissected the paper have expressed their concerns over the […]

Symantec Declares Anti-virus “Dead”

A recent report from the Wall Street Journal confirmed what many of us have already known for years now: endpoint single-user anti-virus is dead, and we have advanced malware tactics to thank for that. According to several independent studies on the subject, commercially available anti-virus products only catch around half of all the attacks that […]

AOL Breach Worse Than Previously Thought — 500,000 Accounts Affected

Today it was confirmed by a report from Reuters that the AOL password breach is faring far worse than previously thought. Of AOL’s 26 million users, around 2 percent of them had been successfully hijacked from their owners control in order to spam the inboxes of customers on Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. The competing services […]

IBM Denies Involvement with NSA or GCHQ

IBM have joined the ranks of companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Google and Facebook, when they informed the press that they had not and have not ever colluded with the American or British government in the supply of specialized backdoors into any of the equipment they manufacture for consumers and IT professionals alike. Senior VP […]

Big-6 Launch Website as Companion to Congress Letter

Back in October we featured an article about a new alliance that was forming between Facebook, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Google and Twitter to throw their collective internet money into a big pile on the House of Representatives floor, hopefully in an attempt to start reigning in a situation that has clearly gotten so far out […]

Top Countries to Trust With Your Traffic

With startups like Syme opening up server farms outside of US jurisdiction, and longtime search giants Google and Yahoo talking about taking their terabytes offshore, the impact the NSA leaks will have on the American economy in the coming years is unquestionable. For about two months after the first mention of the PRISM program, companies […]