New Android Malware Turns Security Features Against Itself

Symantec has discovered a new line of Android malware infections that turn the operating system’s own services against itself. “Android.Spywaller” poses as a legitimate Google Service designed to protect users via firewall to attack a user’s phone, rooting it from the inside out and installing a number of standard tracking packages including keyloggers and screen-grabbers.

Quitting Smoking? Charge Your E-Cig Through USB? Better Update That Antivirus

This week, a story emerged on the social news aggregation website Reddit about a new form of malware, one that had been packaged with the USB charger manufactured by an unknown Chinese company and sold by a random lackey on the auction portal eBay. According to the forum (known as a “subreddit”) r/TalesFromTechSupport, an IT Read More

Operation Huyao Phishes Financial Details of Shopping Sites

Today researchers with Trend Micro published a report on a new phishing technique, known as the Huyao Operation, which utilized a fresh take on one of the oldest scams in the book. Instead of completely replicating entire pages that can be used to lure in would-be shoppers, instead Hayuo creates a new path of approach, Read More


Avast Anti-virus Toolbar Caught Using Spyware to Collect Data on Users

Update (Oct 24, 20.10PM CET): Avast Chief Operations Officer, Ondrej Vlcek has responded to the claims made by How To Geek, which have been covered in this post. Tech tutorial blog How-To Geek has revealed their discovery that the Avast Antivirus Toolbar had been secretly installing spyware and adware modules on user’s machines that were Read More


DoubleClick Malware Exposes Millions to Ad-based Infection

On Friday night, researchers on the Malwarebytes team noticed a peculiar set of instructions coming out of ads hosted on websites like, and The Jerusalem Post. The first website would suggest that the attacks were targeted at random, though the second and several others like it might point to the true source of the Read More


Over 1,000 US Businesses Impacted by Malware That Hit Target

More than a thousand businesses in the US have been badly affected by the cyber attack that crippled the in-house cash register systems of major US retailers like Target, Supervalu, and UPS. A new advisory released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Friday afternoon claims that the attacks have done more harm than Read More


Defru Malware Revealed by Microsoft Researchers

According to a recent virus bulletin posted by researcher from Microsoft’s Technet division, a new malware known as Defru has been plaguing various sites and community portals around the web, attempting to trick unsuspecting members into paying for bogus anti-virus software that actually does the exact opposite of what it says it will. Instead of Read More

Researchers: Major Anti-Virus Software Have Serious Security Problems

The conventional description of anti-virus programs says that they provide a necessary layer of protection, but organizations should start auditing such programs before integrating them on their systems because many of them include serious security problems, according to Joxean Koret, a security researcher at COSEINC, a Singapore-based security firm. Koret says that anti-virus programs are Read More


How Bad is ‘BadUSB’ Malware?

USB sticks are a common sight, and you’ll find computer users carrying them around in their pockets to share with others. However, they often forget that USB devices can have dangerous viruses and malware. Although these devices are equipped with faithful antivirus programs that obliterate infections, there are certain security threats that are much more Read More

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