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AVG to Release Its First Tor & VPN Router

Anti-virus firm AVG Technologies is launching its own Tor-enabled router with a built in VPN. You’ll recall that AVG acquired HideMyAssVPN earlier this year. The Chime router is being developed by AVG Innovation Labs, which is turning to crowdfunding for the device. “Hardware is new for us,” says AVG. The company is seeking $650,000. The […]


Experts Warn of Rising Ransomware in 2015

Security experts are expecting 2015 to be the year where ransomware and extortionware grows significantly, according to reports. In its 2015 Threats Prediction Report, McAfee Labs says that this year we will see an increase in the use of cyber espionage and cyber warfare tactics, with analysts predicting an increase in ransomware and extortionware, where […]


Windows 8.1 Vulnerability Discovered by Google Security Team

Members of Google’s highly-regarded Zero security team have released details about a new privilege exploit they discovered buried deep in the central architecture of Windows 8.1. The exploit works by hijacking the way Microsoft validates impersonation level access keys in system bound processes (such as BITS). It was first reported to representatives at Technet back […]

Afghan Government Websites Infiltrated By Chinese Malware

Researchers from a US-based cybersecurity firm have discovered malware, believed to be Chinese, that was used to infect visitors to a range of Afghan government websites. Virginia-based cybersecurity company ThreatConnect revealed that its researchers last week found a malicious JavaScript file that was utilized to host content on ‘gov.af’ sites. The campaign has been named […]

Vawtrak Crimeware-as-a-Service Threatens Banking Institutions

A new report released by security firm Sophos has raised alarms about the growing popularity of a botnet-based malware model called Vawtrak. The botnet infects common URLs by injecting a malicious code, which allows the attackers to steal Internet banking credentials when a user inputs them on the bank’s site. The attack has gathered the […]

Mobile Payment Processor Charge Anywhere Unearths 5-year Attack

While performing a routine malware check this week, the mobile payment app vendor Charge Anywhere discovered that an unknown attacker had been enjoying 100 percent information control of all the system’s most vital networks since early 2009. The company, which aids in processing in-app payments and website purchases, says that nearly all the data on […]

Turla Malware Targets Universities, Military & Intelligence Linux Machines

According to recently revealed research from the security scientists at Kaspersky Lab, a new form of Linux malware has been discovered, dubbed Turla, which closely mimics many of the same core functions as the the open source operating system in order to stay stealthy and avoid persistent forms of detection. The Turla malware is a […]


Cyber Monday Phishing Scams on the Rise

Black Friday. Just the name seems to imply an ominous sense of death and destruction, and the actual celebration of the ‘holiday’ seems no different, if the local news reports are to be believed. Customers trampled to death at the doors of Wal-Mart, moms and daughters fist fighting each other over the last dress on […]

Getmypass PoS Malware Emerges During Holiday Season

A new family of PoS (Point of Sale) malware called Getmypass has been found by a security researcher, and only a few anti-virus tools are able to detect it. Nick Hoffman, the reverse engineer who discovered the Getmypass malware, wrote that it shares some features that are similar to other RAM (random access memory) scrapers […]


Best Taiwan VPN

The Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan conducted a survey and found that in 2011, 81.8 percent of Taiwanese households had Internet access. The constitution of Taiwan provides freedom of press and speech, and the political system also allows complete freedom to its citizens. There have been no official restrictions on Internet surfing or government […]

MalwareBytes Forum Hacked, User Passwords Reset

A few days ago, it was confirmed that the forum for the popular anti-virus company MalwareBytes had been compromised by an unknown assailant, and that user credentials could have possibly been stolen in the attack. Obviously the hack doesn’t bode well for the faith that MalwareBytes would expect its users to have in its anti-virus […]


Symantec Reports a Rise in Regin Detection Rate

On Sunday evening, the anti-virus team at Symantec posted on their blog about the Regin espionage tool, a piece of surveillance software that comes with its own toolkit of tricks, which has been making the rounds on the Internet, undetected, since early 2008. The team goes into intricate detail about Regin’s capabilities in their latest […]

Quitting Smoking? Charge Your E-Cig Through USB? Better Update That Antivirus

This week, a story emerged on the social news aggregation website Reddit about a new form of malware, one that had been packaged with the USB charger manufactured by an unknown Chinese company and sold by a random lackey on the auction portal eBay. According to the forum (known as a “subreddit”) r/TalesFromTechSupport, an IT […]


Darkhotel Targets High Level Executives Through Hotel Wi-Fi

A group of sophisticated cyber criminals has compromised the Wi-Fi networks of luxury hotels for the past few years to launch malicious attacks against business people in the Asia-Pacific region. Researchers from Kaspersky Lab dubbed the cyber-espionage group as ‘Darkhotel’ and tell us that it operates by injecting malicious codes into the Web portals used […]


New DRIDEX Malware Deploys Macro Technique to Infect Users

According to a recent blog post from security researchers at the threat monitoring group Trend Micro, a new malware known as DRIDEX has been spotted targeting banking institutions and individual customers who log into their financial accounts from their desktops at home. An evolution of the long-defunct CRIDEX bug which made its debut last year, […]

WireLurker Malware Attacks iOS Devices Through USB

According to a report from the threat monitoring firm Palo Alto Networks, a new form of iOS malware has been discovered that uses infected OSX machines connected to iPhones and iPads to infect a mobile device. Dubbed “WireLurker”, the program was first spotted in China after being distributed on the Maiyadi App Store, which acts […]


Backoff PoS Malware Infections Soared In Q3

With the holiday shopping season approaching, Damballa’s Q3 2014 State of Infections Report reveals consumers or retailers are even more vulnerable to Backoff PoS (point-of-sale) malware, which increased 57 percent from August to September, and by 27 percent during the last month. The findings from the security firm indicate that the malicious program targeting the […]


Hackers Exploit PowerPoint Flaws to Hack Computers

Hackers have exploited a safety flaw in the Microsoft Office suite of software to use PowerPoint files to attack and gain control over Windows-based computers. Microsoft has released a security advisory on its website and said that they have seen targeted attacks against Windows users who use PowerPoint. Through this attack route, the hacker can […]