Google Glass Patent Attempts to Curb ‘Creepy’ Privacy Issue

Ric Richardson, a resourceful Australian inventor has come up with a cover for the Google Glass camera that can address privacy issues being raised over concealed surveillance. The Australian has patented a shutter for Google Glass that tells the onlookers whether the camera is active or not. Richardson gained popularity in May 2012 when he Read More


PIPCU Ramps Up Its Quest Against Piracy Sites

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) in the UK have arrested a Manchester man for allegedly running illegitimate sports streaming websites. The 27-year old man was supposedly running several websites that allowed illegal access to paid television services. It is believed that the combined loss to several subscription services due to these websites is Read More


UK Police Battles Illegal Websites With Anti-Piracy Ads

A special unit of City of London Police in the UK has started an ad-replacement campaign against websites that provide illegal access to copyrighted content. The move augments the UK government’s initiative to combat the theft of IP (intellectual property) by cracking down on the sale of counterfeit goods and online piracy. The police is Read More


Study Finds Pirate Sites Riddled With Malware

A study conducted by anti-piracy group Incopro, that’s Intelligent Content Protection by the way, has discovered that pirate sites that 90 percent of piracy sites are rife with malware and other threats. For a regular user of such sites, this might not come as too surprising as navigating such a site can often be like Read More

Facebook to Experiment With “Mouse-Tracking”

As if we didn’t already have enough surveillance salad on our privacy plates… This week, Facebook unveiled their plans to record user data and track mouse movements on an unprecedented scale as analytics chief Ken Rudin leads the charge into unknown and uncertain territory. Once implemented, the Hadoop platform will record and extrapolate the movements and Read More

Piracy Website Revealed as Elaborate Honeypot Scheme by Owner

We can’t even trust our own anymore. Earlier this morning, uploading and file-hosting forum went permanently offline, leaving only this notice posted on the front page: “UT is now closed. UT was set up for a number of reasons. But mostly to be a sounding board, proof of concept.[.].and to collect data,” WDF said Read More