5 Best VPN Providers for 2015

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), is one of the smartest investments you can make to improve your Internet security. Beyond Internet security, using a VPN has tons of advantages that will address users’ privacy and accessibility concerns. To make sure you can reap the many benefits of a VPN service, you have to invest in Read More


Best VPN for School

VPN for school is recommended to secure your online activities. A VPN can also help in those situations where certain websites are limited or restricted. Aside from countries where strict regulations of the Internet are imposed, some schools also restrict access to the Internet to anyone within campus premises, that is, on their WiFi network.


Best Switzerland VPN

The Swiss constitution guarantees freedom of speech. Under Switzerland’s federal law, publishing ‘leaked official discussions’ is a crime. In 2012, the government investigated several cases that involved secrecy violations by the press. However, nobody was punished for such actions. Downloading the pirated versions of music, videos, games, and movies for personal use is not a Read More

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