Angry Birds

Over Half of Android Phones Vulnerable to Hack

Hearing that an Android device is vulnerable to attack is certainly nothing new by this point. Year over year since its release we’ve been bombarded with news and stories about how Android is leaving mobile phones vulnerable to one deviant exploit or another, but now a new discovery from Palo Alto Networks may officially trump Read More

Privacy International Tackles GCHQ Spying in New Case

Joining in the same fight that several other privacy groups are actively taking part in this year, Privacy International just announced they will be lodging a formal legal bid against the British government in order to prevent the GCHQ from using programs like NOSEY SMURF to infect innocent users’ computers with keylogging and site tracking Read More

New Android Privilege Discovered, All Phones and Versions Affected

Researchers from the University of Indiana and Microsoft have released a joint statement, featuring their discovery of a brand new type of Android exploit never seen before on the open black market until now. By shining a light on a secret method for obtaining permissions without any notifications popping up on the user’s screen, those Read More

Angry Birds Site Defaced After Privacy Debacle

Earlier in the week, we reported that dozens of popular apps including Instagram, Facebook, and Angry Birds were considered “leaky” by the NSA and GCHQ, and that both agencies had been exploiting the vulnerabilities in each to identify and classify users automatically based on information gathered. By scraping up the advertising data that was unknowingly Read More

The NSA is Keeping Your Score in Angry Birds

According to the latest documents released by whistleblower-turned-international-privacy-hero Edward Snowden, the NSA in conjunction with the GCHQ is able to determine the age, race, gender, location, and even sexual orientation of cell phone users from so-called “leaky apps” on Android and iOS devices. ProPublica, The New York Times, and The Guardian simultaneously released a new Read More