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7 Smartphone Tips Every Traveler Needs To Know

Our smartphones are getting ever more sophisticated. Equipped with a smartphone, traveling becomes easier and less bumpier. Apps are at the tip off our fingers, helping us create a memorable traveling experience. Maps, guides, translators and event trackers are a few of the available features in the App stores. So why not take advantage of […]


New Android Malware Turns Security Features Against Itself

Symantec has discovered a new line of Android malware infections that turn the operating system’s own services against itself. “Android.Spywaller” poses as a legitimate Google Service designed to protect users via firewall to attack a user’s phone, rooting it from the inside out and installing a number of standard tracking packages including keyloggers and screen-grabbers. […]


PureVPN Launch New Windows & Android Apps

PureVPN (www.purevpn.com) has released newly updated versions of its popular Windows and Android apps. The apps have been re-designed for simplicity and greater ease of use. Here’s what you need to know to get started. New Windows app Several VPN providers have released updated versions of their Windows apps following the launch of Windows 10. […]

Hola Responds to Allegations of Botnet Support

Following the recent allegations against Hola Better Internet, the CEO and co-founder Ofer Vilenski posted a lengthy blog post on their website. Titled “The recent events on the Hola network“, Mr. Vilenski admits the company has made mistakes but promises to do better moving forward. The mistakes, he claims, was due to Hola’s massive popularity […]

HideMyAss! VPN Network Expands to 6 New Locations

When it comes to network expansion, HideMyAss! (HMA) certainly does not stand back. This month, HMA has added even more servers in Greece and France. The HMA VPN network now composes of 779 servers strategically located in 151 countries with over 103,000 IP available. This comes immediately after 15 other new servers were added since […]

VPN Services Remain Curtailed in China

Over the last week or so, a number of VPN providers have reported issues with their services in China following reports that the government had updated its firewall to block such software. Astrill VPN, Vypr VPN, and Strong VPN all reported issues, with the president of Golden Frog (the company that operates Vypr) Sunday Yokubaitis […]

Blackphone Pwned by Simple SMS Hack

The makers of the popular encrypted mobile Blackphone have patched a critical hole in the device that gave outside attackers the opportunity to poke their noses where they didn’t belong through the use of a simple texting crack. The bug was first discovered by Mark Dowd, a security researcher at the consultancy firm Azimuth Security. […]

HideMyAss Expands Server Network with 11 New Countries

HideMyAss has again expanded its VPN server network by adding 11 new countries with 14 new servers and 2,125 IP addresses. The HMA server network now stands at 768 servers in 151 countries and more than 101,000 IP addresses. The VPN provider says it is currently working on adding more servers where possible and is […]


Study Claims 20 Million VPN Users in China on Netflix

Netflix has more than 20 million users in China that are accessing the service through VPNs, according to a new study from British digital research firm GlobalWebIndex. The researchers noted VPN activity in accessing Netflix in several countries across the world, including countries where Netflix has launched but the catalog is lacking. As for countries […]


VPNs Say Netflix Working Fine Now, Exec Calls Claims ‘False’

Tech bloggers and VPN services were abuzz earlier this week when reports surfaced that Netflix was taking new measures against geo blocking circumvention measures. Netflix has since denied these reports but a couple of VPN providers we spoke with tell us that they’ll be keeping a close eye on things. VPN provider TorGuard was one […]

Fake App for ‘The Interview’ Puts Malware on 20k Phones

If there’s one thing malware makers have learned to take advantage of over the years it’s that wherever there’s big news, there’s even bigger opportunities to exploit the public. This time around, the tactic takes the form of an Android app that shares a name with the same film that’s been all over the headlines […]