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University Researchers Create New Android Anti-Malware App

German researchers from the University of Göttingen have successfully created an Android app that is capable of detecting and quarantining upwards of 94 percent of all threats that are currently being launched at the mobile OS on a daily basis. Konrad Rieck, Malte Hubner, Daniel Arp, and Hugo Gascon make up the members of the […]

Android Malware Exploits SSL Vulnerability

According to a blog posted by the security outfit Trend Micro, Android users could be potentially vulnerable to a new slew of problems thanks to a corrupted section of code discovered in the SSL authentication used to verify authentic channels between mobile devices and the servers that host popular apps and services contained within the […]

15 Million Mobile Devices Are Malware-Infected

Malware infection has reached new heights, as revealed by a new report from Alcatel-Lucent. According to the data, at least 15 million devices are infected with malware, which means the device in your hand could be infected with malware, spyware, information theft software – or all of them. Alcatel Lucent Kindsight Security Labs disclosed the […]

New Android Malware Covers Every Base You Can Think Of… and Then Some

According to an analyst report published recently by the security experts over at Symantec, a new trojan is wreaking havoc on Android. Dubbed the “Swiss Army knife” of mobile malware, the bug has proven itself to be a worthy competitor to the all-time greats of Android malware stretching back through the past few years of […]

New Spying App Up for Sale on Google Play Store

For the uninitiated, RATs, or “remote access trojans” for long, are pieces of code that enable hackers to gain access to a device’s webcam and microphone without the owner becoming aware that their phone, laptop, or tablet has been compromised. Chief security researcher for Lookout Mobile Marc Rogers was the first to spot the infected […]