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How to Backup your Computer, Mac OSX & iOS Edition

A proper backup strategy is an important part of your security strategy. Here on VPN Creative we usually talk mostly about how to mitigate risks related to online security and Internet privacy. However, if you fall pray for hackers, virus, or force majeure, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to restore […]

The Emmys 2015 Winners & Nominees Streaming on Netflix

Last month saw one of the most glamorous and exciting Emmys Awards ceremonies in recent years. There were a huge number of remarkable shows from a wide variety of channels that made it big in the awards tally, including Netflix’s own original shows that performed rather exceptionally against its immediate competitors such as Amazon Prime […]

Fake App for ‘The Interview’ Puts Malware on 20k Phones

If there’s one thing malware makers have learned to take advantage of over the years it’s that wherever there’s big news, there’s even bigger opportunities to exploit the public. This time around, the tactic takes the form of an Android app that shares a name with the same film that’s been all over the headlines […]

Lizard Squad Speaks Up About DDoS

This Christmas, millions of kids and adults around the globe booted up their brand new consoles, only to be greeted with a message from Microsoft and Sony claiming that their online gaming networks were “down for maintenance”. In the days that followed, a well-known hacking group and offshoot of Anonymous calling themselves Lizard Squad publicly […]

North Korea Denies Involvement in Sony Hack

In more news about Sony this week that should make everyone say “Well, duh”, this Saturday the North Korean government issued a statement which categorically denied all involvement with the recent attack on the movie studio’s servers. The country removed themselves from the conversation that their government had been behind the attack, and threatened “grave […]


Researchers Identify ‘Grinch’ Bug As Christmas Approaches

Researchers have identified a new vulnerability affecting Linux-based operating systems – the Grinch bug. By exploiting this vulnerability, hackers can gain root access to a system running on Linux. Grinch is similar to the Shellshock bug which hit the cyberspace in September and emerged just days after another bug called Poodle surfaced. Alert Logic wrote […]

85% of all Phishing Scams Sourced from China, Says Report

According to a newly minted report from the Anti-Phishing Workgroup, nearly 85 percent of all phishing attacks on the open Internet are launched on behalf of hackers and criminal organizations from inside the red giant, China. Out of 22,679 malicious domain registrations reviewed by the research team, over 19,000 of them were registered in China […]


Best Ukraine VPN

The crisis in Ukraine and Russia has been going on for months now and Russia has used censorship in many different ways. Many Russian websites are not readily available to Ukrainian users and vice versa. In terms of Internet filtering and blocking practices, the OpenNet Initiative found little or no evidence of such Internet restriction […]


Best Thailand VPN

Internet censorship in Thailand is a common practice by the government for various reasons. Thailand is known for blocking, filtering and restricting content associated with pornography, gambling, national security, political criticisms and most especially lèse majesté. As of 2010, there are over 110, 000 websites estimated to be blocked by the Thai government, and the […]

Operation Huyao Phishes Financial Details of Shopping Sites

Today researchers with Trend Micro published a report on a new phishing technique, known as the Huyao Operation, which utilized a fresh take on one of the oldest scams in the book. Instead of completely replicating entire pages that can be used to lure in would-be shoppers, instead Hayuo creates a new path of approach, […]

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Imperva WAAR Report Shows Increase in Attacks on Amazon Web Services

There is an alarming increase in the number of hacking attempts launched from Amazon’s cloud based servers, as shown by the WAAR report by Imperva. Cloud systems are quite popular with cyber criminals because they have several flaws that a smart hacker can easily exploit. Also, in spite of their huge popularity, cloud-based storage systems […]