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Fake App for ‘The Interview’ Puts Malware on 20k Phones

If there’s one thing malware makers have learned to take advantage of over the years it’s that wherever there’s big news, there’s even bigger opportunities to exploit the public. This time around, the tactic takes the form of an Android app that shares a name with the same film that’s been all over the headlines Read More

amazon web services

Imperva WAAR Report Shows Increase in Attacks on Amazon Web Services

There is an alarming increase in the number of hacking attempts launched from Amazon’s cloud based servers, as shown by the WAAR report by Imperva. Cloud systems are quite popular with cyber criminals because they have several flaws that a smart hacker can easily exploit. Also, in spite of their huge popularity, cloud-based storage systems Read More

No Heartbleed Attacks Before Disclosure, Says Report

This week, researchers from the University of Illinois, Cal Berkeley, Purdue, and the International Computer Science Institute revealed a new report, which alleges that a large majority of the attacks for Heartbleed didn’t take place until after the bug’s public disclosure back in April of this year. Because the SSL vulnerability was only previously known Read More


Netflix Releases Scumblr, Seeks ‘Outside Perspective’

Netflix has announced an open source release of its in-house security tools Scumblr and Sketchy. The Netflix security team has been using these tools internally since February 2014 and determined they are now stable and useful enough to open up to the public developer community. Netflix senior application security engineer Scott Behrens spoke to ThreatPost Read More

Meet the Linux Foundation’s “Core Infrastructure Initiative” Project

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization that is set up to help with the growth and expansion of Linux. To date, it has taken on many large corporations as members. The foundation receives over $6 million a year in donations as of this month. The majority of this comes from the eight platinum members, Read More

Google Criticized Over Heartbleed Response

Google has been accused of playing favorites by some in the security community for withholding information about Heartbleed before the news broke. That’s according to a report from the Sydney Morning Herald, which says Google waited to too long to go public after discovering the OpenSSL flaw that has since spooked security experts and websites Read More

Mashable Publishes Heartbleed ‘Hit List’

Stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention. Mashable has published a “hit list” of websites affected by Heartbleed, detailing what passwords you need to change now. There are some sites that remain unclear as of this writing, such as WordPress, but there are big names that do need a change such as Facebook, Instagram and Read More

Amazon Doubles as Cloud-Based Malware Host

Today, IT security firm Solutionary released their quarterly threat report, placing Amazon Web Services (Amazon’s cloud hosting arm) at the top of the list as the most popular source for malware distribution and attacks throughout North America. The damning report comes shortly after hackers supposedly utilized the Amazon cloud host to scrape the details and Read More