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TrickByte DNS Review

In general, VPN is used to trick the Internet into believing that VPN users are in certain locations even if they’re not really physically there. Technically, using VPN should allow anyone anywhere in the world to access popular streams like Netflix and Hulu without encountering an error message stating the “content is not available” in Read More

ProxyDNS Review

It would appear that unrestricted web browsing and streaming activities are no longer possible these days. Realistically speaking, web access is no longer as ‘free’ as it was years ago. Content available to the public is already highly regulated due to issues involving piracy and copyright. As a result, the promised world wide web browsing Read More

SmarterDNS Review

It seems that most VPN service providers are already developing their own DNS services. Adding to the list of VPNs that offer both VPN and DNS solutions is with its very own DNS offering, SmarterDNS. Smart DNS services are becoming more popular these days as VPN alone cannot provide access to geo-restricted websites already. Read More


How to Use the Roku Box Outside the US

Roku is a small box movie-streaming box that allows instant streaming of all US-based in-demand services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora and FOX directly to a TV. With this device, you can easily watch your favourite HD movies and TV shows in the comforts of your own home. Unfortunately, the Roku Box Read More