Government Spy Program Uses Airplanes To Collect Phone Data

The US Justice Department has been reportedly using special electronic devices on airplanes to simulate phone towers in order to collect user data from unsuspecting Americans. This program was originally created to catch criminals, but it collects information from innocent citizens as well, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The allegations suggest that the Read More

Black Hat Speaker Reveals SATCOM Vulnerabilities

On Thursday, IOACTIVE Principal Security Consultant Reuben Santamarta described how a malicious attacker could breach satellite communications (SATCOM) systems for ships and aircraft. Santamarta’s presentation at Black Hat USA 2014 received considerable attention and speculation prior to his August 7 briefing. Santamarta presented his findings based on the IOACTIVE white paper SATCOM Terminals: Hacking by Read More

9/11 Commission Report Authors Caution The US Against Cyber Threats

The authors of the original 9/11 Commission report covering the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks inform us that cyber-terrorism is the next big threat to the US. The group has updated the recommendations made by the committee ten years ago, and reassessed whether those recommendations were translated into law or adopted as policy. “The threat Read More

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Social Media Flooded With Tasteless MH17 Spam

If you come across Facebook pages showing pictures of MH17 crash victims or tweets with URLs redirecting to the disaster reports, beware – they might have malware, or redirect to pornographic or spammy websites. We are witnessing a distasteful trend among cybercriminals as they leave no occasion to spread malware or capture the financial information Read More