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HideMyAss launch revamped app with surprising new features

The popular Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, HideMyAss have updated their desktop and mobile apps to version three. The new version introduces a new interphase with several new features making it easier to select and connect to a VPN connection. The app is designed to make it easy to comprehend for users with little or […]

Blackphone Pwned by Simple SMS Hack

The makers of the popular encrypted mobile Blackphone have patched a critical hole in the device that gave outside attackers the opportunity to poke their noses where they didn’t belong through the use of a simple texting crack. The bug was first discovered by Mark Dowd, a security researcher at the consultancy firm Azimuth Security. […]


Agency Discovers Vulnerabilities In IRS Obamacare Fee Calculator

The IRS (Internal Revenue Agency) has not completely secured its system that calculates fees for pharmaceutical firms and health insurers under Obamacare, according to a report by an inspector general. Under the Affordable Care Act, the IRS is required to process sales information from drug manufacturers and premiums from health insurers for specific government-subsidized programs. […]

Culprits Responsible for JPMorgan Breach Discovered

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that the agents responsible for the JPMorgan attack could have “loose connections” to Vladamir Putin’s government, and that the breach may have been launched in response to economic sanctions placed on Russia during their widely-publicized tussle with the Ukraine back in July of this year. JPMorgan released the full details […]

October is European Cyber Security Month

On September 1, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) published the dates and events planned for the 2014 European Cyber Security Month (ECSM). ECSM is an EU-based advocacy campaign that has taken place every October since 2012 across several EU member states. From the event’s dedicated website: ECSM aims to promote […]

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911 Emergency System Is Vulnerable to Hackers

Cyber mayhem has become widespread and has even left 911 emergency system vulnerable to hacks and other security threats. As the emergency phone system has a single point of entry, a single hacking attack can disrupt the entire infrastructure and impact every emergency respondent. It goes beyond than that; as 911 is a critical infrastructure […]


Is Your Nest Thermostat Spying On You?

In a convenience turned catastrophe situation, it has been revealed that Google’s newly acquired Nest smart thermostats are very easily hackable, and could turn into spies. These shocking revelations were brought to the general attention by Daniel Buentello, an independent researcher; Yier Jin and Grant Hernandez, both of the University of Central Florida. According to […]

iGuardian Aims to Secure the “Internet of Things”

A new security project exhibited at DEF CON hacking conference on Thursday, August 7 seeks to standardize household security with the increase of commercial smart devices (often referred to as the “Internet of Things”). Itus Networks was founded by Jock Breitwieser and Daniel Ayoub, both formerly of Dell SonicWALL. Itus Networks launched their Kickstarter campaign […]

Sophos Launches Cyber Security Contest

A recent competition organized by the major Oxford based security firm, Sophos, gave the UK public a chance to step into the shoes of cyber detectives. Affiliated with ‘Cyber Security Challenge UK’, the event is a part of the competition series organized to discover the most promising cyber security talent in the country by simulating […]


Signal, the iPhone’s First Encrypted Voice Caller

Open source security company Open WhisperSystems unveiled its new app Signal, a free encryption service for the Apple iPhone that is also compatible with its older Android app RedPhone. The service promises “free, worldwide, encrypted voice calls” through its new application. Open WhisperSystems is an encrypted communication and storage service specifically targeted toward mobile devices. It […]


Tunisia Cyber-Crime Law Threatens Internet Progress

A leaked draft for a new cybercrime law in Tunisia is raising concerns among its citizens, reports Global Voices Online. In the past couple of years Tunisia has gained attention as an exemplary pioneer in recognizing Internet rights and freedoms in the MENA region. This proposed law, however, is far-reaching and vague in its language. […]

EFF Launches Privacy Badger To Block Online Tracking

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has launched a beta version of ‘Privacy Badger’. It’s a Firefox and Chrome plugin that detects and blocks advertisements and embedded content that tracks user activity without their permission. While surfing the Internet today, it is normal to assume that most websites contain some code that is intended to track, […]


EU Launches Cybercrime Taskforce for Cross Border Investigations

The European Union is set to roll out an international cybercrime task force for a six-month investigations trial. It will coordinate investigations across Europe, as well as with several other countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia. According to Govinfosecurity, Andy Archibald, the deputy head of the UK National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime […]

Treasury Secretary Warns of Financial Cyber Threats

US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has called on the financial sector to step up the endeavors to protect its critical infrastructure and consumer privacy from the risk of cyber-attacks. The Internet has revolutionized the way the banking sector does business – from receiving bank deposits and opening new accounts to accepting bill payments and trading […]

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Google Lawyer Takes Aim at Right to be Forgotten

Google has further criticized the EU’s Right to be Forgotten ruling. This time it’s the company’s chief legal officer that has taken aim at the situation. Lawyer, David Drummond wrote in an op-ed in The Guardian that he was siding with the newspaper’s concerns over the removal of news stories, which The Guardian had criticized […]

China Calls Apple a National Security Threat

State media in China has criticized Apple and the labelled the company a national security threat over the iPhone’s tracking features. Researchers interviewed by the China’s CCTV took aim at the Frequent Locations feature in particular, saying it is a danger as it reveals location data of the user and invades privacy. More specifically, the […]