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Twitter Blocked in Turkey (Again) – Here’s How To Access Twitter in Turkey

Just as VPN Creative went to press the other day with a story on how suppressive and undemocratic regimes aspires to control and limit access to information and social media, reports of a new ban on Twitter in Turkey broke out. Turkey has a long history of banning social media like Twitter and YouTube. Under […]

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North Korea Denies Phone Hacking Allegations

North Korean authorities have denied allegations that it sponsored smartphone hacking attempts on South Korea, following reports last week. South Korea’s NIS news agency reported that North Korean hackers had loaded mobile games with malware that were then downloaded by up to 20,000 Southerners to spy on the action of their inimical neighbors. However, this […]


The Pirate Bay Founder Found Guilty of Hacking Charges

Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg has been found guilty for hacking in the Court of Fredriksberg, Denmark. He has been found to be responsible for hacking the mainframe of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), a US IT giant. A 21-year old Danish man, acting as Warg’s accomplice, was also found guilty, according to the ruling. […]


Australia to Open Website Blocking Inquiry

The Australian federal government founded a committee to inquire into law enforcement’s use of the Telecommunications Act on Wednesday, July 16. The inquiry will specifically look into the Australian Securities and and Investments Commission (ASIC) alongside the Australian Federal Police (AFS). These agencies both shut down multiple websites under Section 313 of the Telecommunications Act, […]

20 Million Credit Card Details Stolen in South Korea

In the latest hack against the South Korean people, nearly 20 million identities have been stolen and sold on by a contractor at the credit rating firm Korea Credit Bureau, a company that maintains one of the most popular credit reporting services in the nation. Turns out an unnamed IT consultant who was hired on […]