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NSA Hard Drive Breaking Capabilities Revealed by Kaspersky

This week, the Internet security firm Kaspersky Lab released new details about a program developed by the NSA that was designed to burrow into the hard drives of computers from major manufactures such as Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba. Unlike some of the other programs we’ve detailed so far, it seems this operation (or at […]

CyberCaliphate Hacks Twitter Account of US Central Command

Earlier this morning, the official Twitter account of US Central Command (CENTCOM) was apparently hacked by members of the ISIS terrorist organization in the form of public protest from the much maligned group. “AMERICAN SOLDIERS, WE ARE COMING, WATCH YOUR BACK. ISIS,” one tweet read, along with a link to a Pastebin document that pointed […]

Afghan Government Websites Infiltrated By Chinese Malware

Researchers from a US-based cybersecurity firm have discovered malware, believed to be Chinese, that was used to infect visitors to a range of Afghan government websites. Virginia-based cybersecurity company ThreatConnect revealed that its researchers last week found a malicious JavaScript file that was utilized to host content on ‘gov.af’ sites. The campaign has been named […]

Regin Malware Confirmed as UK and US Spying Tool

Over the weekend, the Internet and Twittersphere was abuzz with rumors and information about a new malware program, known as Regin, that was first made public by the threat research group at Symantec. Since hitting the wires, there has been a flurry of speculation as to whether or not the malware was state-sponsored or the […]

HideMyAss Adds 16 New Servers in 9 New Countries

HideMyAss has added 16 new servers and nine new countries to its VPN network. The VPN provider now has 685 servers in 100 countries. The new update focuses on Asia, adding servers in Oman, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Bahrain, Bangladesh, and Yemen. HMA currently has the largest global VPN network. Other additions include the […]

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The CIA Spying Spree, Chief Admits Employees Hacked Senate Computers

One of the most controversial debates in the recent times took an extraordinary turn when John Brennan, CIA director, offered an unconditional apology against charges of snooping on the US Senate staff. The apology came after a long spell of public denial by the agency. The computer network used by the committee staff was constantly […]


The Space Industry Faces New CyberSpace Risks

While awareness about cyber threats has increased in recent years, the occurrence of cyber attacks to satellites tend to be either downplayed, unmonitored, or reported as common incidents. The rapid growth in satellite applications is creating new threat vectors for the space industry. As a large number of interconnected services start relying extensively on space […]

New Snowden Leaks Reveal Cable Tapping Details

This week the British publication The Register released a report that details the extensive lengths that the GCHQ has gone to in order to maintain complete control over the fiber optic backbones which make international communications possible. Much of the data about these efforts has been available since the leaks first dropped back in June, […]

Wikileaks Reveals the Identity of Final Unnamed MYSTIC Target

Afghanistan. Getting it out of the way early, the country in question, the one that has caused weeks of debates between privacy advocates, military generals, and high-ranking security officials, is Afghanistan. After months of deliberation between journalist Glenn Greenwald and the online whistleblowing operation WikiLeaks, the identity of the final country listed on the MYSTIC […]

Syrian Electronic Army At It Again

Over the weekend, members of the now-infamous pro-Assad hacking group; the Syrian Electronic Army, were caught hijacking and defacing the front pages of several very popular websites — including eBay and the UK version of PayPal. Evidence of the attack first popped up on Twitter, the preferred platform for the organization, who announced they had […]