Best Taiwan VPN

The Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan conducted a survey and found that in 2011, 81.8 percent of Taiwanese households had Internet access. The constitution of Taiwan provides freedom of press and speech, and the political system also allows complete freedom to its citizens. There have been no official restrictions on Internet surfing or government Read More


WhatsApp to Encrypt All Messages by Default

This week, the makers of the Facebook-owned messaging application WhatsApp announced they would be switching on a new system which will encrypt the content of their customers communications automatically from here on out. Affecting a wide swath of its 600 million users, the move will be one of the greatest leaps towards mobile communication security Read More


The Promise of Privacy: Secure Messaging in 2014 Part 1

With mass surveillance and NSA leaks abound and the latest controversy surrounding Whisper, the veracity and safety of secure or anonymous messaging apps has been called into question. It begs the question of what is out there for the consumer. If you like communicating with your friends and colleagues through messaging, you might want to Read More


Best Panama VPN

It is true that transparency legislation exists in Panama; however, the country does not provide unrestricted access to public information. And in cases that involve corruption, government officials have almost always shown a tendency to hide information. The media have also encountered censorship and harassment from private sector companies. In one such instance, several trucks Read More


Best Luxembourg VPN

The 2008 Index of Economic Freedom ranks Luxembourg at the 15th position among 157 nations in freedom and openness. The top three positions were acquired by Hong Kong, Singapore, and Ireland. Luxembourg does not impose many restrictions on online content. However, this does not mean that users are safe from the threat of hacking. Anyone Read More

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