The Emmys 2015 Winners & Nominees Streaming on Netflix

Last month saw one of the most glamorous and exciting Emmys Awards ceremonies in recent years. There were a huge number of remarkable shows from a wide variety of channels that made it big in the awards tally, including Netflix’s own original shows that performed rather exceptionally against its immediate competitors such as Amazon Prime Read More


Bunitu Botnet Spreads from Advertising to VPNs

The operators of the botnet Bunitu are selling access to proxy bots, according to a report from Malwarebytes. The research says that users of particular VPNs may unknowingly be accessing a “criminal infrastructure of infected computers worldwide.” Malwarebytes, which carried out the research in collaboration with anti-advertising-fraud firm Sentrant, first noticed the Bunitu botnet in Read More


Samsung Smart TVs Could Be Listening to Everything You Say

Today, Samsung took a candid moment to come forward and inform the TV purchasing public that certain brands of their Smart TVs might accidentally be listening in on customers’ conversations, and reselling the data gathered by the microphone to third-party advertising services. The company themselves are actually the ones putting out the warning, which suggests Read More

Twitter Knows What Apps You Have Installed: How to Disable It

Twitter wants to tailor content according to the interests of its users and will therefore be scanning users’ phones to see what other apps they’ve installed. Recode reported the social networking giant is looking to gather more data about its users to increase the effectiveness of advertisements. With a new update to its Android and Read More

Ello Signs Charter to ‘Never Sell Ads or Data’ After VC Funding Round

Last week, the increasingly popular social networking alternative to Facebook, Ello received another $5.5m in venture capital funding, thanks in part to their rapidly expanding user base who have been adamant about the company’s commitment to keeping their data and identities safe from the prying eyes of advertising firms. Ello, which first burst out onto Read More

Malvertising Campaign Targets AOL, Yahoo & More

Web pages managed by AOL, Yahoo,, and The Atlantic have this week been detected as serving malicious ads, which may have put visitors to those sites vulnerable to downloading ransomware, warn researchers. The malvertising campaign was spotted by security firm the Proofpoint and had an impact on visitors to at least 22 high-profile websites. Read More


Avast Anti-virus Toolbar Caught Using Spyware to Collect Data on Users

Update (Oct 24, 20.10PM CET): Avast Chief Operations Officer, Ondrej Vlcek has responded to the claims made by How To Geek, which have been covered in this post. Tech tutorial blog How-To Geek has revealed their discovery that the Avast Antivirus Toolbar had been secretly installing spyware and adware modules on user’s machines that were Read More

Whisper, Anonymity & The Real Cost of Privacy Online

The last week or so has been a turbulent one for the developers of the supposed “anonymous” communication platform Whisper, who have been faced with a flurry of controversy since their mobile app was blasted by The Guardian for a number of privacy violations. The newspaper’s claims ranged from tracking its users’ location details to Read More


PIPCU Drop Charges Against UK Man For Streaming Piracy

A UK-based man held in custody for more than two weeks after police raided his illegal Premier League streaming HQ in Manchester has had all the charges against him dropped. PIPCU (The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit) officers traveled 200 miles from their London office to carry out a raid (assisted by Greater Manchester Police) Read More

Hacked Facebook Messenger Screenshots Show New Payment System on the Horizon

A computer science student at Stanford University Audrew Aude has revealed a set of screenshots he had dug out of the developers toolkit for Facebook Messenger which suggest that the app could potentially provide users a way to easily transfer money between their bank accounts and friends with the push of a button. We’ve already Read More


Detecting Fraudulent In-App Ads On Your Android Device

Worried about nefarious ad networks that might leak your information to malicious third parties? Well, there are several tools that allow you to detect in-app ads on the Android platform. To start with, we are not exactly talking about web browser ads here. On Android, you will find ads within the apps, and this is Read More


Australia Becomes the Number One Target of Phishing Attacks

A report released by Kaspersky Lab says that Australia has become the number one target of phishing attacks. The country topped the list by overtaking Brazil, which now occupies the second position. The analysis reveals that phishing attacks targeting Australians have almost doubled. In fact, Australia now accounts for almost 25 percent of the global Read More


DoubleClick Malware Exposes Millions to Ad-based Infection

On Friday night, researchers on the Malwarebytes team noticed a peculiar set of instructions coming out of ads hosted on websites like, and The Jerusalem Post. The first website would suggest that the attacks were targeted at random, though the second and several others like it might point to the true source of the Read More

iphone 6

Will Snowden End Up Delaying the iPhone 6 in China?

Apple’s much lauded iPhone 6 will be delayed in China, owing to the country’s growing distrust of US tech companies since the Edward Snowden leaks. The new phone has not received confirmation from regulators and may be part of China’s wider attitudes to foreign companies. In July Chinese authorities criticized the iPhone as being a Read More

kyle and stan

Kyle and Stan Malvertising Infects Thousands of Computers

A malvertising network called ‘Kyle and Stan’ has been used to attack millions of users via several websites including YouTube, Yahoo and Amazon, according to an investigation carried out by Cisco. Three security researchers at Cisco, David McDaniel, Shaun Hurley and Armin Pelkmann, shared their findings about the malware attacks in a blog post. Kyle Read More

disconnect mobile

Disconnect Mobile Returns to the Play Store

Disconnect Mobile has been reinstated to the Google Play Store following its recent ban for supposedly interfering with other apps. The app claimed to prevent apps from gathering data on the user and provide protection from “malvertising”. The ban from Google for “interference with other services” led to an “uproar on social media,” according to Read More

OverPlay Smart DNS Review

OverPlay ( is undoubtedly among the best VPN service providers today. With such a reputation, OverPlay must consistently improve its service by providing what users really need. With the advent of websites blocking VPN access, OverPlay rises up to the occasion by offering a different service capable of bypassing all sorts of geographic restrictions – Read More

Google Criticized For Banning Privacy App From Play Store

Google earns a major portion of its revenue from advertisements and developers on the Google Play Store follow a similar model to generate revenue – by serving third-party banners and mobile advertisements in apps that don’t have the capacity to charge users an upfront fee or sell in-app items. Perhaps this is the reason why Read More

Visitors To High-Profile Websites Affected By Malvertising

A week ago, some visitors to high-profile websites were redirected to browser exploits that installed malware on their PCs, courtesy of the malware advertisements on those websites. The malicious advertisements were discovered between August 19 and August 22, and users didn’t have to click these advertisements to be infected. Researchers from Dutch security firm Fox-IT Read More

Second NZ ISP Launches Global Mode Feature

Undeterred by the advertising bans that its fellow Internet provider has faced, New Zealand ISP Orcon has launched its own VPN-like service that will allow customers in the country to access services like Netflix. The ISP’s service is also called Global Mode, like Slingshot’s service, which has led to a number of New Zealand TV Read More

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