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Here’s Why You Can’t Trust a Free VPN

A lot of internet users still don’t understand and appreciate the importance of using a VPN. There are tons of reasons why people should be connected to a VPN service. Ideally, you need to be connected to a professional or premium VPN service to be able to maximize the many features and advantages that comes Read More

Twitter Knows What Apps You Have Installed: How to Disable It

Twitter wants to tailor content according to the interests of its users and will therefore be scanning users’ phones to see what other apps they’ve installed. Recode reported the social networking giant is looking to gather more data about its users to increase the effectiveness of advertisements.

Ello Signs Charter to ‘Never Sell Ads or Data’ After VC Funding Round

Last week, the increasingly popular social networking alternative to Facebook, Ello received another $5.5m in venture capital funding, thanks in part to their rapidly expanding user base who have been adamant about the company’s commitment to keeping their data and identities safe from the prying eyes of advertising firms. Ello, which first burst out onto Read More

Malvertising Campaign Targets AOL, Yahoo & More

Web pages managed by AOL, Yahoo,, and The Atlantic have this week been detected as serving malicious ads, which may have put visitors to those sites vulnerable to downloading ransomware, warn researchers. The malvertising campaign was spotted by security firm the Proofpoint and had an impact on visitors to at least 22 high-profile websites. Read More


Avast Anti-virus Toolbar Caught Using Spyware to Collect Data on Users

Update (Oct 24, 20.10PM CET): Avast Chief Operations Officer, Ondrej Vlcek has responded to the claims made by How To Geek, which have been covered in this post. Tech tutorial blog How-To Geek has revealed their discovery that the Avast Antivirus Toolbar had been secretly installing spyware and adware modules on user’s machines that were Read More


Detecting Fraudulent In-App Ads On Your Android Device

Worried about nefarious ad networks that might leak your information to malicious third parties? Well, there are several tools that allow you to detect in-app ads on the Android platform. To start with, we are not exactly talking about web browser ads here. On Android, you will find ads within the apps, and this is Read More

Study: Mobile Apps Are Not Respecting User Privacy

Mobile apps aren’t as innocent as they look – you may already know they access your personal information for granting access to several of their features. But you may not be aware that a large majority of them are accessing your personal data without explanation of how that data is processed or used, ICO (Information Read More

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Kyle and Stan Malvertising Infects Thousands of Computers

A malvertising network called ‘Kyle and Stan’ has been used to attack millions of users via several websites including YouTube, Yahoo and Amazon, according to an investigation carried out by Cisco. Three security researchers at Cisco, David McDaniel, Shaun Hurley and Armin Pelkmann, shared their findings about the malware attacks in a blog post. Kyle Read More

Google Criticized For Banning Privacy App From Play Store

Google earns a major portion of its revenue from advertisements and developers on the Google Play Store follow a similar model to generate revenue – by serving third-party banners and mobile advertisements in apps that don’t have the capacity to charge users an upfront fee or sell in-app items. Perhaps this is the reason why Read More

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