Sony & Microsoft Deny DerpTrolling Hack’s Validity

Over the weekend it was reported that Playstation Network and Windows Live was hacked by “DerpTrolling” but both Sony and Microsoft have come out to confirm that the hack was a hoax. The Guardian reports that DerpTrolling’s claim to hacking and retrieving seven million user accounts’ details is not supported with any evidence. “We have Read More

Dyre Malware Now Sets Sights on Swiss Banks

The Dyreza/Dyre Trojan is back in the news and its popularity among hackers has forced the US-CERT to issue a warning. The latest variant of this malware is hitting the finance industry with a focus on numerous Swiss banks and the recent discovery of the Windows OLE vulnerability. Since October 2014, a massive phishing attack Read More

Malvertising Campaign Targets AOL, Yahoo & More

Web pages managed by AOL, Yahoo,, and The Atlantic have this week been detected as serving malicious ads, which may have put visitors to those sites vulnerable to downloading ransomware, warn researchers. The malvertising campaign was spotted by security firm the Proofpoint and had an impact on visitors to at least 22 high-profile websites. Read More


Adobe Allegedly Spying on eBook Readers

Adobe recently introduced Digital Editions app version 4 to the public, and it’s allegedly doing a lot more than serving its purpose of letting people read eBooks on their computers. Apparently, it’s doing a bit of spying, and reporting to Adobe about its findings in plain-text data. (Update provided at the bottom) Digital Reader and Read More

17,000 Macs Infected – Worm Spread Through Reddit

Researchers at Dr Web, a Russian anti-virus firm, claim that they have discovered a new botnet that has already infected thousands of computers running Apple’s OS X. The malware which has been dubbed Mac.BackDoor.iWorm has already infected over 17,000 Mac computers and is capable of infecting more and the consequences can be serious. Mac computers Read More

Who Are Data Brokers And Why Are They After You?

Last month, 30 companies including Adobe, AOL, and Salesforce were charged for violating the EU data transfer agreement. These companies had data brokers who sold detailed user profiles to third parties. A data broker is essentially a consumer data company that sells your information to advertisers or other parties for financial gains. Brokers get hold Read More


‘Smash and Grab’ Attack Targets JPMorgan Customers

A Proofpoint report published Thursday, August 21 revealed an aggressive “smash and grab” style phishing campaign targeted at JPMorgan Chase’s US-based banking customers. According to Kevin Epstein, Proofpoint VP of Advanced Security and Governance, just the very first wave of emails targeted 150,000 Chase customers. To date the total number of emails in the campaign Read More

German Security Researchers Win $50K Prize From Facebook

Facebook has awarded $50,000 to a pair of German Researchers, who developed a new way of detecting vulnerabilities in online applications. Thorsten Holz and Johannes Dahse, two researchers from Ruhr-Universität Bochum were given the award for their research paper ‘Static Detection of Second-Order Vulnerabilities in Web Applications.” The committee behind the award witnessed a ‘clear Read More


Microsoft Called Out For Selling Bogus Apps in Windows Store

Microsoft’s mobile platform has several defects that stunt its growth. The operating system hasn’t had much success in attracting third-party app developers. In an attempt to increase the size of the Windows Store, Microsoft has been offering incentives to app creators. The company has also become a bit too careless when it comes to approving Read More

The Ancient Art of Sending Hidden Messages is Back

The applications of steganography have moved beyond the scope of terror groups and intelligence agencies. One of the latest and rather depressing applications has been found by cyber criminals who have started embedding critical information into digital images. According to an official at Dell SecureWorks, some infected customer sites have been attacked by a malware Read More

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