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Hola Responds to Allegations of Botnet Support

Following the recent allegations against Hola Better Internet, the CEO and co-founder Ofer Vilenski posted a lengthy blog post on their website. Titled “The recent events on the Hola network“, Mr. Vilenski admits the company has made mistakes but promises to do better moving forward. The mistakes, he claims, was due to Hola’s massive popularity […]


Iran to Expand Censoring Program with ‘Smart Filtering’

Iran is all set to expand its ‘smart filtering’ of the Internet. The country appears to be no longer interested in imposing a blanket ban on websites and will instead attempt to filter out the ‘harmful’ content. The method of smart filtering tries to censor unwanted or undesirable content without completely banning websites. Iran has […]


Privacy Advocates Release Detekt to Detect Surveillance

A new free privacy tool, Detekt has been released by several organizations including Amnesty and EFF, which allows users to scan their Windows computers for signs of possible infection by illegal surveillance software programs. Detekt is an open source program developed by security scientist Claudio Guarnieri. Several organizations like Amnesty International, EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), […]

Spyware Exports Restricted By The European Union

New restrictions will require spyware makers to request permission from the European Union before their software can be exported to European markets, according to a new ruling this week. According to The Guardian, the ‘intrusion’ software is now included in the ‘dual use’ items list made by the EU, which terms the software as something […]

North Korea

North Korea Accused of Hacking South Korean Smartphones

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) has alleged that North Korean cyber army has infected over 20,000 smartphones belonging to South Koreans, submitting its intelligence report to lawmakers on Wednesday. Citing the NIS report, Yonhap, South Korea’s news agency, reported that the cyber attacks were carried out between May and September. Victims reportedly downloaded infected […]

Whisper, Anonymity & The Real Cost of Privacy Online

The last week or so has been a turbulent one for the developers of the supposed “anonymous” communication platform Whisper, who have been faced with a flurry of controversy since their mobile app was blasted by The Guardian for a number of privacy violations. The newspaper’s claims ranged from tracking its users’ location details to […]

ISPs Violates Net Neutrality To Block Encryption, Says Filing

Activists fended off efforts in the 1990s to put an end to Internet encryption or give the US government ways around it, but a bigger battle is brewing now: net neutrality. ISPs have been violating net neutrality rules over the years, but there has been minimal to no evidence against them. In the comments submitted […]


UK Police Investigating the Surveillance of Bahraini Activists

The National Cyber Crime Unit has been ordered to investigate the claims that pro-democracy Bahraini activists living in exile in the United Kingdom are under illegal monitoring. Privacy International, a civil rights group, made a complaint to the Metropolitan police about the alleged monitoring of cellphones and computers belonging to exiled Bahraini activists Jaafar al-Hasabi, […]


DoubleClick Malware Exposes Millions to Ad-based Infection

On Friday night, researchers on the Malwarebytes team noticed a peculiar set of instructions coming out of ads hosted on websites like Last.fm, and The Jerusalem Post. The first website would suggest that the attacks were targeted at random, though the second and several others like it might point to the true source of the […]

‘Hypocrite’ Turkey Holds Internet Governance Forum While Twitter Users Face Trial

Turkey is hosting the Internet Governance Forum that discusses topics such as human rights. This is hypocritical as 29 Twitter users who posted tweets during last year’s protests are being prosecuted in the country. Amnesty International said that the Turkish government’s decision to prosecute Twitter users is a deceitful stance, especially since Turkey is hosting […]

BlackWorm Trojan Identifies New Syrian Malware Team

Security firm FireEye demonstrated a “connect the dots” approach to attribution after identifying several members of the Syrian Malware Team. This pro-Assad hacking group has ties to both the Syrian government and the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), another team that has made headlines for its attacks against the Syrian opposition. Photo: Giphy.com The Syrian Malware […]

Tor Developer Alleges that NSA and GCHQ ‘Leak’ Bugs in the Browser

Andrew Lewman, the executive director of the Tor browser, feels that American and British intelligence agents are thwarting their colleagues’ attempts to control and monitor the ‘Dark Web’ – a hidden area of the Internet where all identities and activities are concealed. The Tor browser allows people to access ‘hidden’ sites. While spies from both […]

Anonymous Opponent Tracks IPs Of Ferguson Hacktivists

Members of Anonymous launched ‘OpFerguson’ after an unarmed African American teen named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police offer in Ferguson, Missouri. Demonstrations and vigils across the small town have taken place since the incident; Brown was shot eight times by a Ferguson cop after an altercation between the two according to […]

FinFisher Hacked in Middle East Media Spying Scandal

Earlier this week on the social news and media aggregation website Reddit, the user “PhineasFisher” revealed that he had hacked into the central servers of the spying software company FinFisher, and discovered they had been assisting oppressive Middle Eastern regimes in Egypt and Bahrain to spy on journalists and activists since the first Arab Spring. […]


Warrant Gives FBI Leeway To Track Tor Anonymity Network

Kevin Poulsen from Wired reported earlier in the week that the FBI is utilizing hacker-like strategies to track Tor users, in an effort labelled as ‘Operation Torpedo’. So far the legal authority says it has only tracked systems accessing underground child porn sites. The hacking weapon of choice is the “drive by download”, informs Poulsen. […]


Tunisia Cyber-Crime Law Threatens Internet Progress

A leaked draft for a new cybercrime law in Tunisia is raising concerns among its citizens, reports Global Voices Online. In the past couple of years Tunisia has gained attention as an exemplary pioneer in recognizing Internet rights and freedoms in the MENA region. This proposed law, however, is far-reaching and vague in its language. […]

Iran Sentences 8 Facebook Activists to Prison

Eight Facebook users have been sentenced to prison by a court in Iran for speaking out against the government on the social media site. The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reports that jail terms ranging from eight to 21 years were handed down to the eight Facebook page admins for plotting against the government, threatening […]